Friday, March 11, 2022

Quilt Coat - the Spring Time Version

When I made my first quilt coat - read all about it here - I wanted a coat I could wear everyday on my morning walk, big enough to add layers underneath it as the temperature required.

And wear it everyday I did!  As soon as I finished it, I knew that I wanted to make a second one. 

Instead of the gazillion flying geese I made for the first coat, I decided to just piece the back using leftover scraps from the first coat.  The layout I ended up with is different from where I thought I would end up but I am happy with it.

The rest of the coat will be solid color, this beautiful blue gray fabric and a sparkly Ruby Star Society fabric for the lining.  I made panels for each of the sections - the back panel (above photo), each sleeve and one for the front pieces.  I quilted using my walking foot in a diagonal grid, lines spaced 3" apart.

I modified the pattern to insert pockets into the seams instead of the top.  The first one involved a lot of nasty words and constant use of the seam ripper.  

I choose to make the pockets match the lining but wish I had made the pockets match the coat so they would be better hidden in the seam.  (But I don't wish it enough to start over!)

My first coat was a large size and I decided to make this one in a small size for a 'sleeker' fit without leaving room for layers.  As I'm still working through construction, this has felt like a risk every step of the way but my first coat has lots of extra room so I am feeling confident.  (Fingers crossed.)  With the sleeves basted in, I think it will be ok.

After finishing the only basted sleeves, I need to make a collar , lots of hand stitching to finish off the seams, add binding and then a zipper.   Hope its done before summer arrives!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. This is amazing! It looks like you nailed the size.

  2. Looks like a gorgeous coat! Love the colors. The panel construction is is a great idea


  3. Great job. Jackets are not easy to make. Love the geese.

  4. I love the colors you are using in this coat.

  5. I love that you are making different sizes for the different seasons. Looks great to me!

  6. Beautiful! That blues is just perfect! Looks like it fits you really well.

  7. If (later) the pocket showing bugs you, you could use a little grossgrain ribbon or bits of binding to hand stitch it right into the opening that will blend in just the edges AND give a tiny bit of reinforcement where you need it.

  8. Both of your quilt coats are wonderful! I have often wanted to make one but have not started one. It seems like a lot of work, but in the end it is worth it. Fantastic coats!

  9. I love that quilted jackets are coming back in style. Your two jackets are excellent. You have given the rest of us great information on sewing a jacket. I can't see anywhere in your instructions where you specified what kind of batting you used. I am getting ready to make one and I don't want it to look stiff! Or should I use less quilting?


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