Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Its Circle Time!

Circles are what it is all about right now in my sewing room!  After taking a class with Jen Carton Baily (aka @bettycrockerass) at QuiltCon , I've been enjoying experimenting with circles!

My first finish was made from scraps from another (not yet shared) quilt.  This quilt finishes 36'' x 36'' and will be donated to a local NICU and eventually go home with a little baby.  To quilt, I just did an all over loopy design - it is fast and fun to do!

Next up is another circle quilt - this one is made with all solids and my quilting in much more intentional.  I pin basted and then outlined each of the circle bits with my walking foot to secure things and (hopefully) keep the quilt in shape as I do some intensive quilting.

Just a sneak peak so far!   I am really loving that I had matching thread in the house - color changes is going to add some pizzazz!

Both of these quilts evolved organically.  The quarter circles were made over-sized and then trimmed them down to create all different kinds of designs.  I am using - and loving! - the templates I got from Jen - you can find them in Jen's shop.)

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Jen's templates for circles are fun, aren't they? The NICU quilt is lovely and I'm sure will be special to its recipient. I really look forward to seeing more on the next curve quilt you are quilting!

  2. Love those colors you chose for your baby quilt! The design is really unique too.

  3. It looks great. The prints are fabulous. I'm glad I purchased the templates. Now to find some time to play.

  4. Very fun and colorful quilts! Looks like you've got a good start on finishing off the second one.

  5. Love the circle quilts. One of the advantages of living in the US, there are soo many quilt classes you can take ..... :-)


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