Monday, April 6, 2020

Book Club - Partial Seams Hand Piecing Tutorial

For the purposes of this QAL, we are defining a partial seam to  be when you can't sew a unit to its neighbor in a single seam - i.e. without knotting and tying off thread.

Our next three blocks - Penelope, Cathy, and Jo - all introduce partial seams.

Each of these blocks start with the hand piecing of the units that surround the center square. The units themselves are straight forward to sew.

For Penelope (left) and Jo (right), start by sewing two units to the center square.

When you are ready to add the next two units, your first seam will be to attach a unit to the center square.  Start and stop your stitching 1/4'' from the each edge.  Knot thread and tie off.

Fold your block to align the edges between two units.  Pin carefully, making sure to align each of the corners.    You will start your stitch at the center - right where you thread starts or ends from attaching a unit to the center square - and work your seam towards the outer edge of the block.  This will keep that corner nice and tight!

The Cathy assembly is a bit different because your very first seam of  a unit to the center square is only partially sewn.

Seams 2, 3, and 4 (see photo below) will be "normal" seams - just be sure to always start sewing from the center and move towards the outer edge, making sure to start and stop your seams 1/4'' from the edge.

When you are ready for your final seam (#5), start where the first seam ended at the point half way in the center square and sew from there to the edge.

Sewing partial seams is much easier to piece by hand than they are by machine.   Keep this in mind the next time you are machine piecing a block and hit a tricky y seam - you can also piece it by hand!

Kristin has put together a great video tutorial on partial seams - go check it out.

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Have a wonderful day! Patty

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  1. I stitched Penelope last week, and found the partial seam in that block went together way easier by hand than it ever would have been using my machine! Looking forward to working on Cathy this week. Thanks, Patty!


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