Monday, September 16, 2019

Hand Quilting Progress

My 100 day project was to make 100 curved blocks.  After much thought, I assembled them into this braid-like layout.

Since July, I've been slowly big-stitch hand quilting using 12 wt thread from Sulky.  I outlined each of the color braids with a similar thread color in the white area.  The rest of the stitching blends in.

This is only my second quilt where I've chosen to hand quilt.  The first (Perfectly Imperfect) resulted in a quilt with amazing texture with my very dense quilting.

I was like a woman possessed - I couldn't stop myself from adding more and more stitches.

With my curves quilt, I'm going more 'casual' with my stitches - lines are now a reasonable 1" - 1.5" apart instead of 1/4''!  I'm not yet sure I'm happy with where this is going and feel like I need to add more quilting. 

Thoughts and opinions appreciated!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Beautiful stitching! Once you're bitten by the hand quilting bug, there's no turning back. It's the texture, and the quiet slow pace of working with your hands that is addicting I think.

  2. I, too, am addicted to big stitch quilting. It’s wonderful to be able to get it done on your lap at night, instead of machine quilting away from everyone else. I just love the look and the feel.
    My first big stitch was done with #5 perle toon. I wanted the stitching bold and it was. It was sooooo hard to get through my heavilympieced top. Once was enough!
    Thanks fir sharing.

  3. I love the colors and I usually feel like the more quilting, the better.

  4. Go with your gut Patty :) I think too much quilting on a machine quilted quilt can turn it into a board but that is not much of a danger with hand quilting.

  5. I am still sewing mine together. I do some kind of hand sewing each evening while watching TV with hubby. I was wondering how I would quilt. I will probably do echo stitching about 1/4 from edges.
    Thanks for the idea. I hope you give us more.

  6. Love the setting you selected for those blocks, you worked out the color sequence beautifully. I'm no help on the quilting front. I've always tended to like minimal quilting on my projects.

  7. I also have been more of a FMQ than a Handstitcher but this year I’ve already done 2 full size quilts with shishiko/kantha/big-Stitch, one with “gasp” 3 strand (accumulated) embroidery thread and one with 12 wt generic thread. I loved making both. {I thought it would make my hands stiffen but it is actually keeping them supple. (I have a trigger finger).} Now I’m looking forward to have something to work on in the evenings or when travelling.

  8. Love your curves quit! Your handstitching is also beautiful.


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