Friday, September 20, 2019

And yet another Pillow

Back in January, I had the chance to take a class with Nicole Neblett at Mama Love Quilts called Big & Bold Freezer Paper Piecing.  Nicole is a member of our guild and gave us a sneak preview before she taught the same class at QuiltCon.  (You can read more about the process here.)

In my quest to work down my WIP pile, I've turned my work of art (smile) into a new pillow for my sewing space!*

The horizontal line going corner to corner really makes those pillow points stand out, doesn't it?

I did some very dense straight line quilting.  About halfway through the quilting process, I regretted that the piece was only backed with fusible web so I couldn't turn it into a wall hanging.   But I do love my new pillow!

*Not pictured is the pile of stuff I took off the window seat and piled on the floor in order to take my photo!!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. How nice that Nicola is in the same quilt guild as you!
    I love your cushion, and the colours are super! Is that your design or one from Nicola’s class? It really suits your (tidy!?!) sewing area, tee hee! Thank you for all the links!
    I really do need a teeny cushion (to put under my back for sleeping) and I woke up today wondering what I could make that would be pretty as well as useful! I hadn’t even started to think what I was going to do, and then I saw your post. So I’m off to see what fabrics I can gather together, (and finish before bed time hopefully).
    Many thanks for the idea!
    Barbara xx

  2. I really like your Bold little pillow. Paper piecing is my nemesis! I need lots more practice, I guess!!

  3. Wonderful & striking little piece. I imagine there will be another that you can use as a walll hanging.

  4. What a pretty pillow Patty. The design and colors are perfect.

  5. Thanks for sharing this bold design. You could have wrapped your piece around a canvas and used it for a wall hanging. I've done this before, even using dollar store "canvases". You do lose some of the edge though. Do love that pillow in your corner. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Had to laugh out loud about the need to move stuff for pictures. Sometimes I feel we/I move half of the appartment to get there :) Beautiful modern pillow. Love it! xo Melanie


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