Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hand Pieced QAL - Spinning Seams tutorial

My first set of hand pieced blocks for our QAL were done in beautiful rainbow colors, set in the quilt to show the color washing down.  (See more about the QAL including the quilt reveal.)

I'm making my second version in just two colors - blue and white - and using the blue as the background color.  I'm just loving my first two blocks!

A favorite part of hand piecing is how easy it is to spin your seams since you sew through them and not over them!

A quick tutorial on how to spin!

Pick a corner of your block to start - I always start in the bottom right corner.

If you look carefully, the surrounding seams are going clockwise - gently nudged there by me.  Once all spun, you end up with a tiny 4 patch block.

Now work to top right corner of your block.  This time, your spin will go counter-clockwise and you'll start with that blue seam the connects these two corners.

Now keep moving around your block and spin #3 and then #4.

I finger press every step of the way and then when all seams are spun, I press using my Precision Quilting Tools Wool Ironing Mat (affiliate link) to get crisp, flat blocks!  (See my wool pressing mat review.)

Ta da!  Its these little victories in life that make me so happy!

(And yes, I really out to clean up all those stray threads!  Its funny what you notice when you edit the photo that you didn't see in real life!)

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Thank you for not only showing how to spin but also how the blocks look with darker background. I inadvertently discovered the "spin" when I did the first block, although I had no idea it was called spinning. Yes it really is the little things that make us happy.

  2. Thanks Patty! I was wondering about how to press this block!

  3. Great explanation. I love spun seams. Wish I could make it happen with machine piecing. LOL


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