Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Podcast


Many of you - if not all of you - know Leah Day from her wonderful free motion quilting tutorials. I first starting following Leah back in 2009 when she first started blogging.  At that time, she shared a video of a new fmq design ever single day for a year.  (All her designs are available in a book.)

Recently Leah started a podcast called 'Hello My Quilting Friends".  You can find it on iTunes or on her blog, The Free Motion Quilting Project.

Leah invited me to join her podcast to talk about the One Monthly Goal event.  I so very much appreciated the opportunity to spread the word about the event and encourage more quilters to participate in the months to come.

Talking with Leah was a blast.  She always brings so much enthusiasm to her quilting videos and now to her new podcast.  The experience of recording the podcast will surely be a highlight for 2017.  I really appreciated the opportunity to talk about One Monthly Goal, Bag It and the just announced improv QAL called play.

That said, I needed to draw on my word of the year - brave - to actually listen to myself. Those words are mine but whose voice was that anyway?  (Maybe I sounded younger than my age?  I can hope!)

You can find this podcast episode on Leah's blog, Free Motion Quilt Project.  Make sure you check out her Free Motion Block Party QAL

(This Brave mini quilt is my 3rd finish of 2017.  It is 7 x 6''.  You can read more about why I choose the word Brave on my Reflections post.)

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to listen to the podcast.

    Congratulations on your third finish...it is only mid-January.

  2. Well hello friend, nice to hear your voice ;) So fun to hear your interview!

  3. How exciting for you, Patty. Congrats on your third finish.

  4. What a great way to begin 2017, Patty! Fun, fun, and more fun!

  5. Enjoyed your interview (and you're as young sounding as you feel). Like that you strive to finish a whole quilt.., i.e. plan it , cut it piece it quilt it,bind it and then call it a finish or a goal. That's my goal ...as i have too many UFO's.

  6. It was a fun podcast. Congrats on the your third finish.


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