Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Quilting Tip - Project Boxes

I love block of the month or block of the week QALs and generally work on several at once. There is no deadline for these projects and sometimes when inspiration isn't striking, sitting down and sewing a block that someone else told me to sew is just what I need.

Long term projects need long term storage options.  I've been working my way through the Splendid Sampler and just finished The Farmer's Wife.   Right now, I've close to 200 blocks (each 6 1/2 '') just for these two quilts.

I keep my completed blocks in a large plastic bin I bought at Target.  ( The block box is roughly 17 x 11 x 6'' .)

The blocks are secured in groups of 10 by the cheapest quilting notion you can find, the common clothespin!

Besides being seriously addicted to quilt alongs, I also like to have multiple projects underway at the same time.  (Right now, I have 7 and about to start the 8th.)

To keep myself organized, once I pull the fabric for a specific project, I keep everything together in a project box.  (My project boxes, also purchased at Target, are roughly 11 x 14 x 3 ''. )

Everything get tucked all nice inside and partial blocks are stored there.  I move the box to my work table when I'm ready to work on the project and then pack it all away when I'm done for the day.

I used my (fun) label maker to make up labels for the side so I can find what I need from the stack.  (These are my fabrics for my Bonnie Hunter QAL.)

I use the shoebox size boxes for fabric storage - I'll share more about that in another post.

How do you store your completed blocks and your projects?

I'll be linking up at tips and tutorials Tuesday @quiltingjetgirl

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I use similar boxes, but also the 12 x 12 scrapbook cases from Michael's.

  2. I tend to finish quilt tops as I get the piecing done, then load them on the longarm while I piece the next. I usually don't have more than three projects in progress at a time, the third sits at my chair in the den for binding. Fabric is stored in 2-gallon zip top bags by coordinating colors or prints for future projects.

  3. Each of my projects are in boxes too. The size of the box depends on the size of the project. Most of mine are in shoe box size. I place scraps from the project in little baggies and keep them in the project box until case I need a piece then they go into the scrap bin when the project is all done. I have WAY to many leftovers that need to be tamed.

  4. I also like clear plastic boxes, but have found the best value in the ArtBin boxes as they are great quality and last for years and years. I also like their ability to stack easily, as well as the handle.


  5. I use plastic boxes as well. I do need to label them because I spend way to much time looking for the one I feel like working on. I like Jeanna idea of keeping the scraps in a baggy with the project until done.

  6. I use shoebox size storage containers (from Michaels), and I only work on one project at a time! I guess it works no matter how you're making!

  7. I use shoe boxes and baskets of roughly the same size. I find it alot easier to stack them in my small room

  8. Great tip - I do just the same thing! Thank you for linking up.

  9. I have mine in large 2 gallon plastic bags I buy at Target. Inside I have another plastic zip folder that holds the pattern, magazine, or printouts from EQ7, and even the smaller cut pieces. As I buy or pull yardage for the back I add it to the bag. I work on LOTS of projects at the same time as I like to have things to do at each stage. So I have different shelves for the bags for each stage of the project: Ready to cut, cut and piecing underway, flimsy with back needing to be made, ready to quilt, ready to bind, and DONE! These bags work great for 'to-go' projects too! I pack up my machine, a few notions and tools, grab a bag and I'm off!

  10. I use letterhead boxes that I get from my office (I work at a print shop). There are 20 or so piled in my closet right now. Each with their own project.

  11. I use project boxes, very similar to what you do. It's been a life saver. I can usually find exactly what I'm looking for when I'm ready for it.

  12. Patty, I was so glad to see this post pop up from my google searching even though I see it's an oldie. Much rather take advice from someone I "know" than from a stranger! Are these still your preferred project boxes for quilts in progress or is there something else you prefer now? Best place to buy them? I am moving in 15 DAYS and I'm super frazzled, need to get my WIPS organized each in its own clear box or I will lose parts of them and never finish them. I'm looking online at Iris, Artbin, and a few other brands that I see at Michael's and Amazon, not sure if JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Container Store would be best places to shop in person and no time left to drive all over time doing price comparisons. Where do you buy yours, please? Thanks in advance!


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