Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January Block update

I've blocks in progress for several QALs (I am seriously addicted, what can I say!)

Here is an update of the two I am making with American Made Brand solids.  (Make sure you check out play - my new improv QAL announcement also made with American Made Brand solids.)

The first is one sponsored by American Made Brand called My Land.  Block 9 is called Lean Towards the Sun.

I've downsized the patterns to be 6 1/2'' unfinished and paper pieced most of the blocks.

I am just loving the way all my blocks look together.  A couple of the blocks use a different blue for the sky.  At one point I thought I would remake those two outsiders but now I don't think so.  Variety is a good thing!

Next up with the Meadow Mystery QAL from Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs.   For this mystery QAL, all I had to get started were really excellent directions on which fabric should be light / medium / dark and some advise on what fabrics would sit next to another fabric so you could validate contrast.

I've downsized such that these HST are 2 1/2 '' unfinished.  (The pattern calls for 4 1/2 ''.)   Here are all my blocks.  The quilt pattern reveal comes in February!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. All lovely blocks and so tiny. I love the colors in your Meadow Mystery.

  2. Looking great, lots of color to help compensate for our grey winter days, or is that just me? It sure has been grey and muddy around here :)

  3. Love the blocks for both projects. The colors you choose for the Meadow Mist Mystery look so crisp. I'm looking forward to seeing how that one goes together.


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