Thursday, October 20, 2016


I've been excited to share my latest quilt finish but I had to wait until it had been gifted first.

Ta da - Adventure!

I used some lovely fat quarters of Blueberry Park for this quilt.

The quilting was done by Cathy Kirk and is the Double Bubble pantograph.

(Edited to add)  I saw the block on a Missouri Quilt Company video - it is called Tangled Geese.  (I constructed the block differently than the video.)

This quilt was a gift for my nephew and new niece-in-law for the wedding.  The wedding was a wonderful and fun event, despite the fact that it poured all day.  (And I mean all day!)   The newly married couple love to hike so taking the quilt photos in a nearby woods make the perfect photo shoot location.

I put two of the blocks on the back of the quilt along with the quilt label which was sewn into the backing before quilting.

Now the bride is a maker and received a cutting mat and rotary cutter as a shower gift from a friend. To further inspire her to become a quilter, I gifted her with some extra fat quarters of Blueberry Park.

Congratulations to Aaron & Kathryn!

(My hubbie was my quilt holder.  You can see his sneakers peaking out in this photo!  Too funny!)

Have a wonderful day! Patty


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