Thursday, November 30, 2023

My Cork Firefly Tote

Some friends might say I've got an obsession for making bags and they would be right! I really enjoy the process and I like the variety to choose the bag I need for the occasion. My latest finish is the Firefly Bag in cork with modifications for size. (See my prior bags with this pattern in the project size and tote size.)

There were more than one bump in the creation process - read about the beginning of my bumpy journey here. I used some new to me interfacing for the bag and ended up with too much bulk in some areas which means my top stitching isn't as pretty as I'd like. I've debated a disassemble and trying again but have decided to embrace the bag just the way it is.  I never did try the rivets - too chicken about putting a hole in my new bag. And while I do like the using the white as my topstitching thread color, all my little bobbles are too visible so I will certainly go with a complementary thread color the next time.

My cork color choice of Ocean Blue was influenced by this print I wanted to use for the lining.

I didn't start out to make this specific bag pattern but I am glad that this is where I ended up. The bag is the right size for what I like to carry. In addition to making an entire bag from cork, I also tried some new techniques including adding purse feet.

I am confident I will make another new bag next year for no other reasons as to use up the supplies I purchased and didn't use for this bag!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I think the bag looks fantastic, and I hope you get a lot of satisfaction and joy when you use it. :)

  2. Good morning, do you have any hints for sewing with cork?

  3. It's so pretty, Patty! Truth be told, I have some of that same aqua cork in my purse stash (I used some of it for a wristlet), and your Alison Glass lining is a print in my stash too. Ah. Quilters with similar tastes. :-) I think the bag turned out well, and I wouldn't re-think disassmbling it. My goodness no! It's lovely and useable, and I am positive you will get compliments on it. I especially love that you went bold with a contrasting zipper color. Have you bought any black and white striped zippers yet? I have, but haven't sewed with them... yet. Soon, I hope.


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