Monday, November 27, 2023

100 Days of Scraps (Progress report 2)

Back in September, 100 days before the end of 2023, I started a 100 Day project to get all my scraps under control. (see that post) Now with less than 40 days to go, I can report some mixed progress - essentially I've managed to gather the scraps all in one place and either parcel them out for some projects (see that post), make some more placemats from orphan strips (above) and have consolidated the rest that I don't know what to do with into one plastic tub.

For some of my solid scraps, I decided to make improv-y square in a square blocks. I'm hoping to turn these into a large tote bag useful for hauling things back and forth to guild meetings and maybe sew dates with friends. These are filling up my design wall and making my sewing space look so happy.

I found lots of orphan 5" squares and am turning them into lots of HSTs for one - and hopefully 2 - charity quilts to be assembled in the new year. This is my go to project when I need some mindless sewing. I've started the cutting and trimming process but will likely save these for a time when I've got a good movie to watch!

I've given myself to the end of the year to figure out what to do with the rest. What ideas and suggestions do you have? How do you deal with leftover bits and scraps?

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. If the scraps are more strip-ish, I like setting those aside for future scrappy bindings. I even sometimes decide to premake some binding strips.

  2. Sorry I missed this post earlier! I love seeing how you're working to utilize your bits and scraps. So many good ideas, though for me personally, another tote bag is the last thing I need! Ha! I like your improv-y solid squares that will making nicely into a modern-looking quilt. And your HSTs are great - always a winning block to put in a quilt. I like using small pieces to "make fabric" from which to cut other shapes. Also, there's the good 'ole Mile-a-Minute quilt, pieced with strips and bits to make fabric that is then cut at a wonky angle. I always use a 6-1/2" X 6-1/2" square ruler to cut blocks. Then sash, or not, and you've got another fun donation quilt. Also, how about making mug rugs? There's a strippy zipper pouch YouTube pattern I often go to. Or, you can always do a wee FPP project. Crazy Mom Quilts still has a FPP pattern for a small block. I've got more ideas, if needed! Keep going though. USING is the best feeling.


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