Monday, March 13, 2023

My New Haralson Bag

Anna @noodlehead released a new pattern last month for a belt bag called Haralson Belt Bag. I've made other of her patterns and love each of those bags so I was ready to jump right in. It was perfect timing since I wanted a new bag for QuiltCon - it was sized perfectly to carry my wallet and phone so they were always within reach.

The pocket on the back was just perfect for my phone.

The canvas used is a Ruby Star fabric. The fabric took the looonnnngggg route through the mail and didn't actually arrive until early afternoon Tuesday, the day before I was leaving for QuiltCon.

There are some wonderful videos out there to support the making of the bag and the only struggle was installing the turn lock primarily due to not having sharp enough scissors to cut out the hole in the fabric! (Turn lock was purchased from Noodlehead.)

The lining and inside pocket use a fun print from Zen Chick. Substituting cork for the flap instead of canvas was a very easy change.

I got many complements on my bag (plus some amazement that I'd made it so quickly given the pattern was brand new). People also really liked my Range Backpack, another Noodlehead pattern. I had people ask to take a photo and others wanted to look at the bag up close. (Never before was I such a fashion 'icon'.)

During QuiltCon, I mainly wore the bag crossbody style. However, when I was volunteering, I wore it as an actual waist belt and it worked fine.

This was such a fun pattern that I am certain I will make another one someday!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Well done on your "quick" make & becoming a fashion statement. It's a lovely bag and quite posh. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

  2. I'm certainly not very observant because I didn't notice your nice bag. My apologies! It's really quite nice, especially with cork that makes it appear professionally-made. I can see how it's the perfect bag for you to use at QuiltCon. Honestly, I need something somewhat larger than this. It seems each year I determine to make a tote or purse or something that's "perfect" for QC, but then upon actually using it, determine its flaws. One of these days, I'll land on just the right one.


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