Monday, March 20, 2023

A Quilted Mobius

I love a good foundation paper piecing project and am a major fan of Audrey @cottonandburbon. She has several patterns available and this one - the Mobius Radial pattern - is my favorite.

The pattern instructions are very clear - complex but clear. I spread the construction out over several days and used lots of pins during the assembly process. (Read more about my experiences when piecing.)

For the quilting, I had originally planned straight line quilting running top to bottom, regardless of the piecing. But once two lines were sewn, I decided that I wanted quilting that would encourage the white bits to pop which meant just quilting the blue.

Fabrics used are both Painters Palette solids and the blue is Colonial Blue. I had Aurifil  1310 Medium Blue Gray matched nicely. The quilt finished 30" x 30".

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Very striking!! You have a lot more patience than I do!!

  2. I like that you left the white pieced elements unquilted. This one makes me think of a curving piano keyboard for some reason!

  3. Wonderful finish! I was curious what you were going to do and this is fabulous!

  4. It looks amazing, Well done. Take care & hugs..

  5. It's fabulous, Patty! The quilting is perfect. There must have been about a bazillion threads to bury!!

  6. It's a great quilt, Patty! I love that you used a more subtle solid color (Colonial Blue) than I would have chosen. It's such a refreshing, crisp color palette. Your quilting decisions are perfect - good for highlighting the white bits, as you said. Will you hang it in your house?


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