Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Dance Like No One is Watching

One of my take-aways from my QuiltCon trip was to experiment with two color improv. This week's Project Quilt challenge was Sew Not A Square.

When I've made improv in the past, I'd make a bunch of improv blocks and then join them together. For this piece, I wanted it to evolve organically. I didn't set out to make a dancer but once I saw the triangle (head) and long ponytail, I saw a dancer and decided it was done!

I used a 40 wt variegated thread for interest. Many quilts in the show used faced bindings. While I've done them before, I tried a new method for this mini. It shows promise - although I definitely need more practice. That said, I really admired the crispness of Audrey @cottonandburbon finishes and discovered her tutorial which I will try next.

This is the second time I've participated in the Project Quilting challenges. The first was to create a project inspired by a book. I made a postcard from Three Pines, the fictional town of the Louise Penny novels, and gifted to a friend.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I love the dancer; how fun! Faced bindings are definitely something I could use more work on as well, and I have found Audrey's tutorial to be very helpful in the past.

  2. Surprise, surprise..... finally have you on my side bar so I can get your updated posts & not be months behind. Never tried Improv, but should give it a go. Love pouch. Take care & hugs.

  3. I like your improv piece, AND that you made something useful from it.

  4. Look at you - improving like nobody's business! Isn't it an interesting process, when improv comes together (apparently) easily - like your dancer - and at other times it feels like unending agony (at least for me!). On some quilts, a faced finish is needed. Though I haven't tried Audrey's tutorial, I often use one on the We All Sew (Bernina) site by Hayley Gryzich.


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