Friday, February 18, 2022

Orange Slice

My tips for getting out of a sewing funk is to start sewing something - anything!  After finishing a whole bunch of projects I decided to make a bunch of drunkards' path blocks from a beautiful monochromatic FQ bundle of Kona blues I'd received as a gift.

Everything was pieced somewhat randomly with no plan of the final layout.  Once I had all the blocks done, I displayed them on my floor and decided it need a pop of orange.

But how best to incorporate the orange?  I experimented and tried different layouts but it seemed to just resemble a bit hot mess.  Not the vibe I was going for!

So my first layout was too boring and the second one too messy.

I decided to flip the whole quilt idea around and go with a clamshell - one of my bucket quilts.  

I did have to seam rip and resew about a third of the drunkard's path blocks to get the right layout which while not fun, was the kind of mindless sewing I need to move beyond the funk.

My flimsy is about 32'' square.  I may either make this a baby quilt and do spiral quilting perhaps centered on the orange slice or have fun with FMQ and rulers and maybe some hand quilting - doing different things in each clamshell.  If I do that, I'll likely turn it into a wall hanging!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Great way to get out of the funk. I love the little bits of orange in there.

  2. Oh YES! I like this a lot better!

  3. The peek of orange is in the perfect position.

  4. I love the clamshell. Ideas roaming in my head. Thank you

  5. What a gorgeous solution.....I like where it was heading initially, but also love the result. Sounds like you are out of your funk!

  6. A fun development! Whatever you decide on for the quilting - I hope you enjoy it as much. xo

  7. So fun to just sew, and then try to put the blocks together. I love that second layout too.

  8. Love the clam shells. You did a great job. Someone is going to love.

  9. You made the right choice It looks great!


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