Tuesday, February 15, 2022

2021 Temperatures Is Done

The final stitches went into the binding of my 2021 Temperature Quilt this weekend and I'm very excited about how it turned out!  My favorite part is the upper left corner - all those winter 'blues' are just so pretty together.

The quilting was done with a walking foot done at a 60 degree angle using a light gray thread.  I briefly considered using lots of different thread colors as I had on my 2020 quilt but decided to go with a simpler approach.  I also considered another round of quilting to make the spacing between lines even denser but decided it looked just fine the way it was.

The temperature scale represented in fabric colors can be found as part of the binding.  The quilt is 36'' x 32".  

My 2021 design documents both the high and low temperature in a block which finishes 1 1/2 '' x 2''.  The improv strip is 1/4'' wide and records the low temperatures.  

Every month takes 2 columns - the 1 through 15 in first column and then 16 through end of month in the second column.  Filler blocks are added to square off the quilt.  The thin strips - 1/4'' wide - are randomly inserted and run 'vertically' for odd days and 'horizontally' for even days.

I plan to hang this quilt in my husband (the Atmospheric Scientist)'s home office where I can see it everyday.  My 2020 quilt (below) is hanging in my home office / sewing space. 

I'm using the exact same fabric that I did for my 2020 Temperature quilt.   I made myself a mini-quilt to show off my temperature grid.  Oranges are 80s, yellows are 70s and sew on.  The fabrics used are Painters Palette solids:
100+ is Sangria, 95+ is Real Red, 90+ is Poppy red, 85+ is Burnt Orange, 80+ is Tangerine, 75+ is Pencil Yellow, 70+ is Bright Yellow, 65+ is Apple Green, 60+ is Mint, 55+ is Bright Aqua, 50+ is Turquoise, 45+ is China Blue, 40+ is Lapis, 35+ is Purple, 30+ is Amethyst, and any temp is the 20s is Royalty.

I've written up my basic temperature quilt process in my tutorial including where I source the high and low information.  You can see my temperature quilts for 2018, 2019, and 2020!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Very nice! Are you continuing with one this year or was two enough?

  2. It is gorgeous and such a perfect finish. I love your little temperature guide too!

  3. Congratulations Patty. Your 2021 Temperature Quilt is stunning.

  4. It is lovely to make a quilt suitable for a particular office. A science theme quilt I made, now resides in my daughters office at UConn. I hope to eventually see it in person.

  5. Beautiful! I attempted to crochet one but here in FLorida, I was finding it would all be near the same color. Maybe a fabric version would work better.

  6. Patty your temperature quilt is beautiful. Bet your husband will enjoy the “pertinent” eye candy hanging in his office. 😉

  7. Beautiful! It's amazing to see how these quilt are similar and yet so different!

  8. Great quilt! And fun to compare to other years :) Enjoy!

  9. I love this result. I'm really tempted to make one too. I really like your underplaying the low temperatures with such a narrow strip.


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