Friday, July 23, 2021

Mid-Year Check-in

Back in December, I joined Yvonne's planning party and posted about my goals for 2021.  (See my post.)  I'll be linking up with the mid-year check-in here.

Highlights from the year so far include my postage stamp quilt  - one of my long term bucket list items.

For 2021, I choose the word seek - as in seek new challenges in quilting and seek opportunities to connect and collaborate with others.  I submitted an article proposal for publication in a quilting magazine which was accepted!  The magazine comes out in the fall so I'll share more later this year.  I also did my third collaboration with Kristen Esser on another Hand Piecing QAL with our Harmony pattern.  We have a lot of fun running the QAL and enjoyed seeing what everyone did - you can see the parade of quilts here.

Over all, I am doing ok against my specific goals for 2021, namely:

  • Experiment with color and design and play outside my comfort zone  - Two quilts underway against this goal.  The first is a quilt I am making with plans to submit to QuiltCon - it uses wasabi and purple as two of the primary colors neither of which is anywhere near my typical palette.  (The Harmony quilt above is my typical palette!)  The second is a smaller quilt I will be making for a guild challenge.  
  • Seek inspiration everywhere and work to provide through my blog posts (tutorials, OMG etc.) - I'm happy with my blog content - both what I've been posting and the frequency.   I hope I am providing inspiration to others - I know that who participate in OMG will tell me how setting a public goal helps them focus.
  • Establish a social media plan - when and what to post - Zero progress on this one.  Sadly it was a carry over goal from 2020 so I've been doing nothing on this for awhile 
  • Collaborate with another quilter(s) on a QuiltCon submission - Zero progress on this one.  There is certainly time to pull it off before the October submission date but my plate is full with other quilts I want to make plus contributing to our guild submission.  Maybe next year!

In addition, I intend to stay focused on fabric purchases specific to projects and to make an effort to use up my stash.   Two wins against this goal - the first is the postage stamp quilt (above photo) and second is my fabric rug made from scraps - read all about the adventure.

Thanks Yvonne for providing us a reason to visit our goals and look back on what has been accomplished so far!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. It sounds like you are doing great on your goals. I'd personally count working on your guild's community quilt as collaborating with quilters for QuiltCon, but if that's not what you meant but it I understand. :)

  2. I think you're doing a great job with your goals! How exciting that you'll have an article in an upcoming magazine. Congratulations! I can't imagine running a QAL, so I admire you for committing to do that. Yay for making a QuiltCon quilt - probably several, knowing you! Your wasabi/purple color combo sounds good! Not having a social media plan is okay in my book. That is, unless you're trying to establish a business presence. Personally, I have no desire to obligate myself to posting; that would remove all the fun of it. As for collaborating on a QC quilt, I can appreciate your desire to do that. My first QC accepted quilt was a collaboration with a friend - she pieced the top; I quilted it. It appeared in several quilt shows, and won us $300 (we split it) at an AQS show. Our only disagreement is about who keeps the quilt. Neither of us want it! :-) Hope you eventually find someone with whom you can have a fun collaboration.


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