Monday, December 20, 2021

Red Alert and Protons

The prompt for the latest Curated Quilts mini-quilt challenge was 'energize' and the color palette is a monochromatic red.  I've entered several of the Curated Quilts challenges (one entry was included in the Polygon issue!) and decided to purchase a FQ bundle from Curated Quilts so I had all the lovely shades to play with - Moda Country Red, Scarlet, Persimmon, Flamingo, Tea Rose, and Bubble Gum.

Red Alert is 14" square and used almost all the colors from the starter bundle.  When I first heard the energize prompt, I thought Star Trek (as one does) and from there red alert.  Red alert is the highest emergency on a Starfleet ship and results in red flashing lights and a loud alarm noise.  Although the red alert displays have gotten more sophisticated since the original series, my quilt is imagines what the light waves look like from that red flashing light.  (For the record, I did just binged every episode and movie from TOS, TNG and Voyager, Picard is the best captain.  Just saying.)

Protons is 10 1/2'' square and used all the colors in their starter bundle.

Remember back in middle school when you made 3D models of an atom?  Think protons and neutrons nestled together inside the nucleus with electrons zipping around modeled as balls of class held together with toothpicks.  When the curved ring shape and the resulting random shape popped into my head, I thought of these tiny positive charged particles, hence the name of my mini!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Great interpretations of the challenge, Patty!

  2. Oh, I really love the inspiration for Red Alert (and definitely agree that Picard is the best captain)! Looks like you put the bundle to great use. :)

  3. Great little quilts. I like the protons.

  4. What a fun inspiration! I just started rewatching Voyager myself ;)

  5. These are so great. Love your quilts.

  6. Okay... can I just say that this post sounds like a foreign language to me?! :-) I've never watched the programs you mentioned, and I'm a huge science-room failure - mostly, I choose to forget the confusion that science makes in my mind. So, I'll just admire your two beautiful quilts, appreciate the lovely range of reds and pinks, and wish you all the best at having them both accepted! I hope your Christmas is blessed!


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