Monday, October 4, 2021

Sew Sturdy Bag

We recently returned from a week at the NC beach (Corolla in the Outer Banks).  I always bring my sewing machine along, usually with a quilt to piece.  This year, however, I decided to make a travel bag.  My goal for the bag was use supplies that I already had - the only thing I ended up purchasing was the 30" zipper.  The bag isn't as yellow as it looks in the photos - fabric is Paintbrush Studios Frolic and Moda Quantum fabric for the pockets.  The lining is an older Moda Sweetwater line.

The pattern for this bag is associated with a Craftsy class - Sew Sturdy - The Ultimate Travel Bag designed by Annie and does not seem to be available as a stand alone pattern.  The class itself was a good one.  (My Craftsy subscription expired on September 30 so I was motivated to get the bag made which also made it a good project for the beach!)

There are pockets on both the front and back of the bag along with each side.  Inside, the bag has one large mesh zippered pocket on one side and an open fabric pocket on the other.

I'd previously made the Get Out Of Town Duffle (see that post) and use that duffle bag each time I travel.  Construction of these two bags was basically the same as were the parts where I struggled - namely putting on the binding to cover the seams inside the bags.  (It isn't pretty but then no one can see it but me, right?)

Although I've not taken my new bag for a test run yet, it has some a couple of features that will come in handy as compared to the Get Out Of Town Duffle  namely a strap that allows you to put your bag over the handle of your roller bag suitcase and the large zippered mesh pocket inside.  The duffle bag however has longer carry straps and a slightly more compact size.

I clearly enjoy making bags!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I like your bag, Patty, and I'm glad it was useful during your holiday. I've only made one By Annie bag, a small pouch, and had the same problem with the binding. My machine couldn't cope with all the layers of fabric and the TWO layers of FOAM filling. There must be an easier way!

  2. Really nice bag Patty. I love your fabrics and colors. Great job.

  3. The yellow looks great with the Moda Quantum print for the pockets. Looks like a great back and I hope you had a great time in the Outer Banks!


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