Friday, October 19, 2018

Works in progress I really want to finish

I organize my quilting to-do list into 4 categories (Must Do, Have to Do, Like to Do and Squirrel).  (Listen to me discuss this on Pat Sloan's podcast - I'm guest #2).   Here are the 4 projects on my Like to Do list that I've started and hope to get back to soon.

First up is a single block quilt (Endless summer block pattern from A Quilting Life) that I am going to hand quilt. 

Then, it will be onto my Stars Wars blocks - this will turn into a Christmas gift for my son.  Next block will be a Yoda block - you can find these block patterns from Kristy at Quiet Play in her Quiet Play pattern store.  These have been waiting for me to finish since January!

A year ago, I took an improv class from Michelle from Factotum of the Arts.  The blocks hung out on my design wall for awhile and now need to come back out and play.

Finally, I made these two blocks for a guild challenge - we had to make a deconstructed quilt block and I decided to see what a log cabin block could look like if you made it backwards (on left) and compared to it made traditional way (on right.) 

These are each so different from each other which makes them a lot of fun!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Your improv project looks fantastic! Hope to see it finished. Good luck with your list!

  2. I like each and every one of your projects on this list. I’m especially smitten with the Endless Summer Block. Great color combo! Will each block be different colors? I’m not surprised the Star Wars blocks got tabled for awhile. They look like a lot of work. You need to be in exactly the right mindset to tackle one of those. Your improv blocks really, really want to be sewn together. They are beautiful!

  3. Fun projects. The hand quilting on the star would look really beautiful.


  4. Love those Star Wars blocks. That will be a labor of love! Lots and lots of pieces in those.

  5. Your guild challenge turned out terrific! I love your categories for your quilting. I am on year 3 of cleaning up UFOs and still have quite a few to go. Maybe time to let a few more be in someone else's hands!

  6. Wow! Great projects all! I'd love more information on how you put together your deconstructed log cabin block! :-)


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