Monday, October 8, 2018

My Rin Blocks

Summer of 2017, I participated in a  QAL for Carolyn Friedlander's Rin pattern.  The QAL was the first time I had tried needle turned applique.  I enjoyed the process although some of the part of the shapes were difficult to get into a smooth curve.

By the end of the QAL, I had finished 3 blocks and considered various layouts to a quilt with just three blocks.

Since I enjoyed the whole process of making the block, including the fancy fabric folding technique required to get the pieces, I started on a 4th block.

Saturday, I finally finished that 4th and final block!   I had left it in a almost done state for almost a year - somewhat unusual for me!  Other handwork projects were more important or interesting to me.

I had an opportunity on Saturday to sit and sell tickets to our raffle quilt so I grabbed my applique bag and went to work!  I had only that bumpy inner ring to finish.  It didn't take too long.

The fabric I used was Desert Bloom line by Sherri from A Quilting Life.   I will assemble the blocks into a 2 x 2 grid.   I am planning on straight line quilting this one although I was also thinking about concentric circles.....

Next step to trim and assemble my quilt top!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Patty, I'm impressed that you started with this for your first needleturn experience. I've done a little needleturn. I had intended to participate in the QAL and all I accomplished was buying the pattern. At some point, I'd like to still make a quilt. I adore the pattern. I've lost my desire to do much quilting, I do like hand stitching and I've even lost the desire for that. Most of my handwork is knitting these days. You did an amazing job and especially for a first attempt.

  2. The blocks look wonderful together! Congratulations on getting the 4th block finished. :)

  3. Clap, Clap, Clap - good job finishing up the block. Four is so much better than three.

  4. Very pretty, and it will be an amazing finish! I really love the colors.
    Did you have a lot of questions about your handiwork as you sold tickets?

  5. Your needle turn appliqué is beautiful! I will enjoy seeing this turned into a quilt.

  6. Your blocks look great! I participated in that QAL, too, and my *one* completed block still isn't a finished project. So you've got me beat, times four!

  7. Your blocks look great! I admit that I finished one of my blocks (even hand quilted it) and all it needs is a backing to make it into a pillow and I just have not finished it yet :)

  8. Beautiful blocks, Patty. I have that pattern, and as I think ahead to 2019, it should go to the top of my handwork list.


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