Wednesday, May 16, 2018

No Quilty Math

When I decided to join in the Quilter's Planner QAL, I also decided to downsize my blocks so that I can make a pillow.  I do this all the time and quite enjoy the challenge of redoing the math.  Usually, I've got no trouble figuring out the math to downsize.  And when I do have trouble, I'll draw up a quick paper pieced version of the block.

For this month's block, I did neither of these things for those 2'' square in a square blocks.  No quilty math and no paper pieced block.  I was lazy and just decided to fudge it.

And while I was close, the resulting block was just a little too big and as a result the points are almost all cut off.

I'm not sure if I'll spend the time making the block again - guess it depends on how much it bothers me!

I do love all the blocks together.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I love this block, I have a pattern from Miss Rosie's called Titch which uses this block with a regular square in the center. I like the Square in a Square idea too.

  2. Your blocks look great. Sorry the math (or no math) didn't work this time. I'm still amazed that you downsize, especially the mystery ones.

  3. Nice selection of fabric ,are you going to border each block?

  4. The blocks do look great all grouped together. I'm probably super weird in that I find the math a fun part. :)

  5. I mostly love be the man h part , but every once in awhile it gets to me. Maybe a little sassing or offsetting of the blocks might work. They look lovely together..hope you can make it work.

  6. Hi Patty,
    Those are some great colors together on those blocks. I really like that.


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