Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My other hexi project

Last fall during an Instagram 100 days of hexies event, I made 100+ hexies from a couple of solid mini charm packs.

In January, I started sewing them together.  Each hexie was blindly pulled from a bag and attached to the one before going in a 'circle'.

That darker green wrinkly one was the first one I pulled and the navy blue one the next.

At some point I abandoned the idea of a circle - doesn't actually work with hexies as it turns out!

Now I'm going for a square which will measure 15 1/2 by 15 1/2 if I measure valley to valley.  I've got one more row to add across the top (where the binding clips are).

The trick (for me) is what happens next.  Once I have my hexie 'square', how do I turn it into something?

Do I cut off the 'hills' , pop out the paper an treat it as any other pieced top?

Do I applique it onto another piece of fabric all around the edges?

I've always planned this to be a pillow - and I've have the quilting idea in mind all along - but maybe it should become something else.....

A few more hexies to go and then I can decide!

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Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Love hexies! So pretty! How about adding half hexies to square up your piece?

  2. I look forward to seeing what you decide; you are close to having it ready for the next step!

  3. Hi Patty,
    This is exactly why I do not love hexies. What to do with them once you get them to that point?? Yes - we have figured out the question but more importantly, what is the answer?!! I can hardly wait to see what you do! I have nothing against the wonderful little hexie itself . . . just that I have never had the answer. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. So colorful! It will be fun to see what you do with it!

  5. No clue on the proper way to finish it off, but I would likely appliqué it to another fabric and make a wall hanging or pillow. It is cute no matter what it becomes!

  6. I like the randomness of this project. I would do 1/2 hexies around the edges to make it a square.


  7. You’ve made an awfully pretty new piece of fabric to work with! Good luck deciding what's next. I have one, but I shelved it while I wait for just the perfect project! I take it out every once in awhile, but so far, nothing has spoken to me. Mine's not as pretty as yours.

  8. I've been making bright batik hexes for a while now, so I'm getting quite a few and need to decide what to do with them. Coming up with a plan is the hardest part!

  9. This would make a beautiful cushion. Love the sea of colors. It's very pretty.


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