Friday, May 18, 2018

Hand piecing progress

And now there are 3!

I am hand piecing these blocks and this is my very first hand piecing project.

So how are things going - besides clearly I'm still making blocks?

The first block went together really well - I even surprised myself!  The second block had issues - primarily because I got a little over-confident and didn't take my time to carefully prep the blocks and ended up unpicking and resewing.  (Unpicking hand stitching is WAY easier than with machine stitching.)

With the third block, I realized that my knots are too big and may cause some issues later so I've started experimenting with different knots.  I also found how important seam allowances are when it comes time to trim the blocks.  (Not sure why I needed to relearn that lesson!)

My fourth block is started and I've started cutting for some more.   My design needs six (6) of these blocks and five (5) half-arc blocks.

The inspiration for the block came from the fact that Tara Faughnan is coming to teach at my guild in June.  I wasn't as familiar with Tara's work as I should have been and when I went looking, I found she has a double wedding ring class on Creativebug.  The block itself is Tara's pattern.  The final quilt design layout is mine.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I hate when I have to re-learn those things I knew awhile ago. Did you solve your quilter’s knot problem. There are many videos/tutorials out there. Also, on hand piecing and seams seams there are two approaches. One is to mark/cut piece with seam allowances - mark a registration point on the intersections and sew from there - eyeballying the seam. The other, more accurate way, is to draw the piece without seams and add the quarter inch as you cut. If rotary cutting, make a template and then trace around after cutting is fine. It is all a matter of what works for you! If you already knew this stuff, carry on! If not, hope it helps.

  2. Your blocks are coming along beautifully. Waiting patiently for the finished project.

  3. Not sure I have the patience for hand sewing! The project will be stunning.

  4. The blocks look great together, and even having to redo some seams you appear to be making steady progress. Tara is lovely, I’m sure you will have a great time with her!

  5. You're really making progress. I guess with some projects we learn things, and with others we re-learn things! :-)


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