Monday, January 29, 2018

Want to join a swap?

I've been very excited for today's post and hope you will be too!

Over the holidays, I had great fun making a few fabric postcards and mailing them off to a few of my quilting BFFs.  They were really fun to assemble - mini quilts that finish at 4 x 6''.

I've been making a lot fabric postcards and decided it would be fun to organize a postcard swap.

This is a very basic swap - ONLY the postcard is swapped - no extra treats should be included.


Here's how it works:
  • Sign up for the swap (by February 16*)  Sign up is closed - we reached >100 !! (updated 2/4)
  • Choose whether you'll ship a postcard worldwide or just within your own country
  • Select a one word clue for the person making your postcard.  The clue could be anything - ex: blue, flamingo, summer .  
  • Receive the mailing address of your postcard assignee
  • Mail your postcard before March 17 (take a photo of it first)
  • Join the postcard parade on April 7 (more info will come on this soon)

*There are 100 slots and signups will close once 100 people have signed up or February 16, whichever come first. 

The basic guidelines - 
  • Postcards are 4 x 6 '' and must be made of fabric
  • Only the postcard is mailed - please do not include other small treats or extras 
  • The postcard can be mailed in an envelope or just as a normal postcard
  • Your swap assignee is a secret - shhhh!!

Sharing via Instagram is encouraged.  Use the tag #esqpostcardswap to share any photos of the postcard(s) you make or receive.  Since this is a secret, only tag someone else when you are actually thanking them for the swap card that arrived in your mailbox.  

I've decided to go with 100 swap slots.  I'd like to fill all of those up so if you want to make and swap more than one postcard, you can sign up for up to three swaps.   (Sign up for each one individually.)

To reach 100, I will give priority first to individuals for their first swap and then start adding names with the second and then the third swaps until the 100 count is reached.

Sign up is closed - we reached >100 !!

You can find lots of tutorials for fabric postcards on the web.  I'll publish my own on Monday.

This is going to be a lot of fun.  A postcard swap is just perfect for someone who has never joined a swap before because the time commitment is small. But - and this is important - only sign-up if you intend to follow through.

I'll be linking up my postcards with  Freemotion by the River,   WIP Wednesday's,  Let's Bee SocialMidweek Makers.  Needle and Thread Thursdays, Finish it Up Friday and Finished or Not Friday.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Count me in. I signed up via the link.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for organizing this! Hey, I recognize those flying geese! :)

  3. Oh, this does sound really very fun! I'm in and committed!

  4. I think I can handle this it's small. I think it will be fun!

  5. Great idea! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. I hope that you do this again. I'd love to participate, but, I'll be gone most of the time of this swap.

  7. I like Ppostcard swaps, I have made friends in France this way. Thank you.

  8. Great idea! I'm excited to participate.

  9. Sounds like fun!! I'm all signed up!!

  10. Too bad you reached your goal. I was going to sign up for another one. They are such fun.


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