Saturday, January 6, 2018

Joining One Monthly Goal link-up from Instagram (a tutorial)

I'm very excited by all the new people who have discovered One Monthly Goal and are interested in adding their goal to the link-up.  Some of these folks are coming from Instagram and have never heard the word 'link-up' before and are confused about what to do.

Sound familiar?  Than this tutorial is for you!

First step is to post a photo of your project, some words on your goal and the social tags on Instagram.  The social tags for One Monthly Goal are #onemonthlygoal and @elmstreetquilts

While the posting of your photo is done by phone, these next steps are done on your computer.

Visit Elm Street Quilts (this blog!) on your computer and navigate to the One Monthly Goal page.  (You can find this several ways but the easiest is the top right side of the page is a image that will always take you to the latest link-up post.)

When you find the goal setting page - here it is for for January - enjoy reading about the awesome sponsors and my personal goal.   

Scroll through the photos that others have posted.  

At the bottom of those photos, you'll see a blue button - Add your link.  

Click on the Add your link  button.   You will now see a page that looks like this.  Even though you are adding your photo from Instagram, you will use the button that says "Blog".

In another tab on your browser, open Instagram to the view of your photos.  (Yes, you can access Instagram from your computer.  You can even comment on photos.  You can NOT post your own photo.)

Find the picture of your goal and RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on that picture.  Choose the option called Copy link address.  

Go back to the browser tab with the link-up and paste (CTL-V) the link to your Instagram photo and hit enter.  Your photo will appear.

Then fill in a title for your photo and your email address.  Only I - the owner of this particular link-up - will see your email address.   It is used to notify the lucky winners of their prizes

Once everything is filled in, hit the submit button.

Now return to the One Monthly Goal post and there you will find your photo.  You did it!

Now take a few minutes and visit other people by clicking on photos of projects you find interesting.

I make it a point to visit every photo that joins the One Monthly Goal link-up.  You'll know your entry is official when I've commented on your photo after I enjoy learning about your project.

Good luck on your goal and don't forget to come back at the end of the month and share your goal finish.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Thank you Patty for all of your patience and help. This tutorial is just what I needed and was very easy to follow.

  2. That's great that new people have found OMG.

  3. Thank you for your tutorial. For non Instagram users is there another way to link up such as through a blog post?

    1. Absolutely! You can link up from a blog, from Flickr or from Instagram. I hope you'll join in a future link-up!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I still ran into problems as when I right click I don't have an option "copy link address". I only get "copy link location" which when I use, copies my profile picture instead of my OMG picture.

    1. Your Instagram account must be Public in order to link-up. Yours is Private. Perhaps set up a second public account and try again.

  5. Thanks for the great directions. The only thing I had to do differently on Instagram was to click the "..." at the top right of my photo to get the "Copy Link" option. Simply right clicking on the photo didn't work. Other then that, your directions worked like a charm!


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