Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Bag Testing

Each year, I like to make small bags to give a bunch of ladies in my life, including my sisters and my daughter's teachers.  Some of these bags have proven to be well loved and others (likely) missed the mark.

What to make this year?  Here is my first test bag.   I'm trying to decide if the zipper overhangs need to be longer and would really appreciate your thoughts.

I like to put these all together assembly line style and am motivated to get started!

The fabric was one of the amazing prints in my Cotton Cuts box (see that post).  And don't forget to use the code ELMSTREET to save 10%.

Have you been making bags?  Over 150 bags  have been shared so far in the link-up (below) or on the Elm Street Quilts Group Facebook page.

Next new Bag It tutorial will be available on Monday for a Mesh Travel Bag.  I really enjoyed making this bag and it is actually a possibility for my gift giving this year.

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Ready to link-up?  And not to worry, the event runs through December 15 so there is plenty of time to make bags!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Great bag, I love the bright yellow-green color

  2. I love the fabric, but the ends are not working for me. I would make them longer and snap them to the sides?

  3. Is there a reason you want the zipper to hang over? I think a bag that size and shape would look better sewn with zipper tabs, but not with a zipper that overhangs like that. Some bag shapes just work better and look better with the longer zippers like that and some don't, in my opinion. I like the shape of your bag.

  4. I love the bag. That fabric is pretty also. Yeah, maybe the zipper ends a bit longer. The little lilac bag I made, it kinda bothers me the zipper end won't lay close to the side of the bag. Maybe i am just to picky, lol :)

  5. Love that fabric. I prefer shorter overhangs. I've tried both. I'm not a fan of longer.


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