Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Turnstyle Block - Block Tutorial

One of the first blocks I fell in love with was the basic pinwheel block.  I remember making a small quilt as a gift for a friend with some very colorful fabric.

Today I wanted to share a twist on the basic pinwheel block with a tutorial on the Turnstyle block.  I'll be using this block as part of an upcoming quilt so I figured out the math options and decided to share!

Here are three different colorways of the same block.

Let's see how to make block 1's coloring -

The table below has the cutting dimensions dependent on the overall finished block size required for your quilt.  For each block, cut one (1) of pieces A & B and two (2) pieces of C.

Pieces A and B need to be cut into four equal sized triangles.

Piece C needs to be cut into two equal sized triangles

Sew piece A to B.  Press seam to darker fabric.  Sew unit AB to piece C

Make four units for each block.

Trim the dog-ears and as needed to the required unit size (see table below).

Changing the coloring of the block creates some new interesting patterns in final quilt.

Aren't these fun?

I'll be linkup up here.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. One of my favorite blocks. Thanks for doing the math for us.

  2. Pinwheels always tug at me and this one is so versatile! I love the options and the photos to help imagine how it would work using other colors. Thank you!

  3. Pinwheels can be such a useful block to know how to make. Great tutorial!

  4. FYI your break down block has 2 c pieces instead of a,b,c. Cute block, i love it.

  5. What a delightful share today! Thanks so much!


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