Monday, March 27, 2017

improv QAL - Strips and Curves

For overall information on play, the improv QAL, please see the QAL kickoff as well the main event page.  

The improv QAL has a set of basic rules - 

  • you are in charge
  • make what you want
  • don't follow a pattern
  • play with fabric
  • experiment

Anything goes here. 

This is your project, your creativity. 

There will be weekly prompts each Monday, through April 3.  The prompts so far have been wonky log cabin , the half triangle blockstack, cut & sewwonky geesewonky stars & crumbs.


My guess you've got a bunch of them lying around.  Leftover from trimming other blocks.  Bits of leftover binding.  You can sew them together randomly (or with some intent) to create some fun new designs.

Mixing up widths of strips, throwing in some curves, piecing together shorter strips before adding them to the overall piece can add lots of interest.

Prompt (March 27) -
Strips and curves
 Produce a mini or create blocks to be assembled together with other blocks from the QAL.

Remember, this prompt is just the start of this week's assignment.  Embrace it or ignore it.

This mini is not as colorful as the other minis created for this QAL.  But, I did have great fun with the quilting - especially my little pebbles/bubbles!

This is actually the second mini I made in support of this week's clue.  I lost the first one - it is still missing somewhere in my sewing studio, likely swept up in a box of scraps.  The lost mini was colorful and curvy as you can see in the tip photo below!

Some tips for sewing curves - 

  1. Overlap fabrics, right side up for BOTH fabrics
  2. Cut your curve with your rotary cutter
  3. Swap your two fabric pieces and pair as I've done - see the orange with the blue and the blue with the orange
  4. Make a small mark or fold where the centers of each piece line up
  5. Sew!  I always put the concave piece on top but either way works
  6. Ta-da!  A press with make everything lie flat
  7. Repeat and enjoy!

    Remember - anything goes here.  It is your project, your creativity coming through.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  This might feel uncomfortable but don't give up - keep working through to the end product.

    • Use #playimprovqal to earn entries towards one of the QAL prizes.  

      Next prompt (our last one) is on Monday, April 3.    Here's a sneak peak.

      Have a wonderful day! Patty


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