Saturday, September 3, 2016

At a crossroads on how to finish my Crossroads quilt

(Sorry about that blog title - couldn't help myself.)

My OMG goal for September is to finish my quilt top.  (I'll be linking up here at Red Letter Quilts.)

I've got two blocks to make, sashing and cornerstones to add and then decisions about the borders. This quilt will become a couch quilt - I'm thinking of flannel as a backing fabric!

This quilt is from Fat Quarter Shop and was this year's QAL.  It is called  Crossroads.  I made my blocks with a layer cake of Moda Elementary.  The actual pattern involves about a bi-zillion HST for one of the borders.  I've not the time or the fabric to do that so I'm going with something a bit simpler.

I'm considering these options for the outer border.  (And yes, I took the time to redraw the blocks in EQ7 as each block was released.   Helped in figuring out how to best cut from a layer cake.)

Four options to share:

This option adds a 3'' outer border and would result in a finished quilt of 49 x 65 ''.  Probably just wide enough for a lap quilt....


Option 2 and option 3 would be 53 x 69''.  There is now an 3 '' inner border followed by a black or blue middle border at 1'', followed by an outer border at 2''



Finally, option 4 carries the black cornerstone a bit into the border.  In this case, the inner border is only 1.5'' while the middle and outer border remain as the option 2 and 3.  This one would be 51.5 by 68''.


What do you think?

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Love your choice of fabrics. How did you manage to make this with just a layer cake?!

  2. #3 is my choice......the eye focuses on the center and enjoys the calm border :)

  3. option 2 or 3 although I prefer 3!

  4. what a fun quilt - I like option 1 !!

  5. Options 2 and 4 are my favourites... I would go with 2 since I like striking, bold look but it depends what you prefer of course :-)

  6. My vote is for option two. But I think any of them would look great. What a beautiful colour combination!

  7. I love Option 2! And it looks the easiest too....

  8. For a couch quilt I think option one - it's lovely:))

  9. I don't care for one, feel about the same amount of love for 2 and 3, maybe leaning slightly toward 3, but 4 - that's a wow border arrangement, something you'd use on a show quilt. None of them will look bad, though. =) Best of luck making a choice.

  10. 4 but then they are all great options!

  11. Love your colors. I like option 3. While I like when an element is carried into the border, I think option 4 would be more complete if all the chains were carried out into the border (more work, I know).

  12. I love reading everyone's opinions with these type votes! I like #3. I first liked 2, then thought the chain design shines more with 3. Holding the fabric next to the quilt could change my mind though lol!


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