Friday, December 15, 2017

Bag It Wrap-up

Time flies while you are having fun!   I've really enjoyed this year's Bag It event and hope you have as well.  The link-up closes tonight at 11:55 pm ET.

I'll be drawing the random winners over the weekend so watch your inbox for an email from elmstreetquilts.  The prizes are just amazing - take another look at what these wonderful companies have offered :

Each year (this being the 3rd one), I create a series of new bag tutorials hoping to inspire.  My favorite part of the event is when someone made a bag from one of my tutorials.

Creating bags from a designer pattern was a new add for this year's Bag It event.  I enjoyed sharing a bit about each of the featured designers and their companies.

Special thanks to Joanne Hillestad of The Fat Quarter Gypsy Designs for being the overall sponsor for our event.  I use my pop-ups every day.  These were loads of fun to create.

 (See the Fat Quarter Pop-up post.)  

I've been a fan of Annie Unrein of Patterns by Annie and for a long time and enjoyed sharing a bit about her and her company almost as much as I enjoy using my Get Out of Town Duffel bag. 

  (See the Get Out of Town Duffel bag post.)

When I made my Kismet Trinket Box, I intended to gift it to a friend.  But, I love it so much, I'm keeping it myself.  Thanks Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness for supporting our event.

(See the Kismet Trinket Box post.)

I use my Sew Together Bag all the time and it was fun to feature Michelle Tucker, designer of the Sew Together Bag.  On my list for post holiday sewing is another of these bags - I'd like to make one in rainbow colors. 

(See the Sew Together Bag post.)

Thanks Annie, Michelle, Joanne & Sara!

Photo credit to designer pictured

Annie Unrein from ByAnnie  &  Michelle Tucker from SewDemented (top row)

Joanne Hillestad from Fat Quarter Gypsy &  Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness (bottom row)

And thanks to all of you - I really appreciated your comments, your support and I enjoyed seeing photos of your bags.

Best of luck to everyone in the random draw!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Gift for Me - A new Pillow

Yes, I am up to my eyeballs on Christmas gift sewing.  Progress is being made on all fronts but sometimes you need to just work on something you want to finish.

So I made my pillow!  A gift from me, to me.

This quilt (that I turned into a pillow) design is by Melissa from Happy Quilting as part of her Roundabout QAL.  I've played along with many of Melissa's QALs - her directions are great and I love her designs.

I downsized everything, even doing those drunkard path blocks by hand.  The fabric is from a Moda line designed by Amy Ellis.  I quilted organic wavy lines with my walking foot.

My quilted pillow front measured 18 1/2 x 18 1/2 '' and I stuffed a 20 x 20 '' pillow form inside.  I put a zipper in the back using my tutorial.  I love the way it looks on the back.

Melissa is posting a parade today of other Roundabout finishes - make sure you stop by and visit!

I'll be linking up my pillow with  Freemotion by the River,   WIP Wednesday's,  Let's Bee SocialMidweek Makers.  Needle and Thread Thursdays, Finish it Up Friday and Finished or Not Friday.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, December 11, 2017

Bag It - Needle Case Tutorial

Need a quick gift for yourself or your BQF (best quilting buddy)?  What about a needle case?  I need for a couple of these to store with my various hand stitching projects.

My finished needle case is 5 x 3''.


Note - a slightly wider piece of hook & loop tape will also work.

Fabric Prep

Adhere fusible fleece to wrong side of outer fabric.  Quilt and embellish as desired.

Right sides together, sew the two pieces of lining fabric together, leaving a gap in the seam of about 2'' for turning.  Lining will now measure 5 ½ x 8 ½ ''.  Press seam open.


Sew one part of the hook and loop tape to the outer fabric, centering it top to bottom and lining the tape edge slightly more than 1/4'' from the outer fabric edge.

Sew the other part of the hook and loop tape to the lining fabric just slightly more than 1/4'' from edge. It should be sewn to the large lining piece - the blue fabric in my sample.  (See photo below for placement.)

Place the two units, right sides together, making sure that the hook and loop tapes are aligned on opposite ends, i.e. are NOT on touching

Sew 1/4'' seam all the way around.  (See photo A.)

Carefully turn unit right side out through gap left in lining.   (See photo B.)  Trim seams as needed to get crisp edge.  Press.

Top stitch around all four sides, slightly less than 1/4'' from edge.  (See photo C & D.)

Close hole in lining by hand.

Center felt over seam line in lining and pin. Sew from top edge stitching to bottom edge stitching.  This line of stitching serves several purposes.  First, it secures the felt to the needle case.  It also creates the fold line for your case.  As a bonus, the stitching also hides the hand stitching you just did to close the lining hole.  (Brilliant, right?)

Fold over needle case on the fold line the stitching created.  Align a ruler and mark along case edge for second folding line.  Stitch along this marked line.

Enjoy your new needle case!

Make one for every quilter on your list!

Linking up to Tips & Tutorials on Quilting Jetgirl

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Friday, December 8, 2017

Bags and more Bags

My goal for December is to make 15 of these quilted zip bags to give as holiday gifts.  I'm really enjoying making these in all different fabrics.   The are 5 1/2'' tall and 8'' across at the top.  5 bags down, 10 more to go!

The Bag It event is wrapping up soon.  The link-up closes on Friday, December 15.  I'll choose the winners on the 16th and, once winners have confirmed via email, announce the winners on a blog post the following week.

Note, if you won't have access to your email from the 16th through the 19th, drop me an email so I know how to notify you if you win.  

Well over 260 bags have been shared so far and I've really enjoyed seeing each of them!  I've shared some fun new tutorials - one more to go - and you can find all the links to these posts here.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank out sponsors - Fat Quarter Shop, ZipIt, OLFA , BagMaker Supply, Green Fairy Quilts, AurifilbyAnnie, Fat Quarter Gypsy, Sew Demented & Sew Sweetness (Read more about the prizes by clicking on the company name.)

When you are ready to share on Instagram or from your blog, link-up a photo to claim your Bag It Entry
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Want to share and enter from Facebook?  Join the Elm Street Quilts Facebook QAL group and then record your entry via the Bag It Facebook Entry Form  
  • (Why the form?  Winners are notified via email and the form collects your email address plus it makes things WAY easier for me to randomly select winners.)
You can share the photo of your bag multiple times but ONLY enter it once either in the link-up OR in the Bag It Facebook Entry Form.   

You will know when your entry is 'official' because I will come visit and leave a comment thanking you for entering.  (I batch up my bag visits so it may be several days until I stop by!)

New to the event and want to join?  Read more here and check out the participant guidelines for everything you need to know!
(If you don't have blog, IG or Facebook, drop me an email with photos and I'll get your bag entered!)

Thanks for linking up!

I'll be linking up my bags with  Freemotion by the River,   WIP Wednesday's,  Let's Bee SocialMidweek Makers.  Needle and Thread Thursdays, Finish it Up Friday and Finished or Not Friday.
Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sunset Flight

If I was was stranded on a desert island and could only make one quilt block for the rest of my life, it would be the flying geese block.   (And yes, I do understand that this isn't a realistic scenario but its my blog post, so I'm running with it!)

Sure, I love a good HST.  And I'm ready to tackle a larger quilt with curves.

But Flying Geese will remain #1 for me.

So when I saw that the theme for one of the QuiltCon challenge quilts was Flying Geese, I was in.

Introducing Sunset Flight - my QuiltCon entry.

The quilting is all straight line.  While I used a gray thread for the majority of the quilting, running through and beneath the geese, however, are quilting lines of yellows and oranges as if the colors were draining or dripping off the geese.

The quilting lines are purposely sorta straight and the distance between then is variable but averages just slightly more than 1/4 ".

The quilt finished at 40 x 42''.  Its eventual home will be on the walls of my daughters room - I love it when she claims my quilts.

I enjoyed making the quilt.  Grabbing a photograph for the QuiltCon entry, not so much.  First I tried a setup outside where the quilt was suspended from a clothes rack.

While this gave me the opportunity for awesome lighting, the slight breeze was not my friend and I didn't get a usable photo.  Instead, I ended up bringing my design wall outside and taping it to the back of a bookcase.  I could pin the quilt flat to the design wall.  (A UPS driver pulled up and handed me a package while I was doing this.  He didn't say a word or ask what I was doing.  I guess he sees a lot of strange things as he goes about his day.)

With the quilt done and photographs finally finished, the next step before I could enter was naming the quilt.

With some help from google, my daughter and a friend, I finally settled on Sunset Flight.  (If you google the phrase Sunset Geese, you will be treated to images of geese silhouettes against a gorgeous sky filled with colors from deep purple to light yellow. )

I ended up entering this quilt and one other into QuiltCon.  Fingers crossed.

I'll be linking up my quilt with  Freemotion by the River,   WIP Wednesday's,  Let's Bee SocialMidweek Makers.  Needle and Thread Thursdays, Finish it Up Friday and Finished or Not Friday.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, December 4, 2017

Bag It - Notebook Cover Tutorial

Aren't these just adorable?

You can make notebook covers for any size notebook you desire.  It is a fun project and a great opportunity for some novelty fabric.  The notebook covers are reusable - just replace the notebook as needed.

You can personalize these too - with embroidery, embellishments and labels.  My guess is you'll make more than one to give yourself a chance to play!  I use the notebook below for keeping my notes about my local modern quilt guild.

The tutorial is written for the notebook below and is very easily adaptable for any size notebook!

The directions for the notebook cover have both illustrations and photographs.  The photographs are shown below and marked as 1 through 9.

Open the notebook flat to measure the dimensions. (See photo 1)   Cut a piece of batting that is 1/2 '' larger than the height (to allow for a 1/4'' seam) and almost twice the width.  (See photo 2)

Cut your fabric twice the height of your batting and the width of the batting plus 2''.  (See photo 3)

For example, the blue notebook measures 5 x 3'' closed and 5 x 6'' open flat.  Batting dimensions were 5 1/2 '' x 11 1/2''.  Fabric dimensions were 11x14 ''.  (See photo sequence below.)

With the fabric right side facing down, layer the batting, centering it on all sides.

Fold over fabric from each side, carefully aligning fold with edge of batting. (See photo 4)

Fold down the top and bottom edge over the batting, taking care not to fold the batting. (See photo 5)

Pin (or clip) along all edges.  If desired, mark your quilting lines.  (See photo 6) Note, if using pins, position the pin heads so they are hanging off the edge so they can be seen and removed as you sew.) 

Quilt lightly.  Once quilted add a line of top stitching along each of the shorter edges, roughly 1/8'' from edge.  (See photo 7)

Optionally, add a label of other embellishment to the notebook cover at this time.

Place notebook on quilted piece and fold over edges, adjusting until they are even on both sides. (See photo 8)  Lightly clip, making sure you do not catch notebook.  Open and close to make sure you are satisfied with placement. (See photo 9)

Sew a line of top stitching along top and bottom, roughly 1/8'' from edge.

This is what the inside will look like when finished.  You can see my particular fabric had a selevedge edge but that isn't necessary.  My goal was to make it look neat inside for when the notebook was changed.

I just love using these little notebooks!

Enjoy your new notebook!

I'll be linking up my tutorial with  Freemotion by the River,   WIP Wednesday's,  Let's Bee SocialMidweek Makers.  Needle and Thread Thursdays, Finish it Up Friday and Finished or Not Friday.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Friday, December 1, 2017

One Monthly Goal - December Link-up

Welcome to December!

New to One Monthly Goal?  Welcome!  You can read about the event and the rules on the main event page.
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My goal for December is to finish my holiday gifts - specifically 20 zipped bags.  I do these in batches which I find to be quite efficient.  The first batch of 8 have been stuck partially completed for almost 2 weeks - I've got to get them done!

Are you making bags for holiday gifts?  Make sure you enter them in Bag It link-up too.  (Bag It link-up closes on December 15.)

We have three great sponsors for December and there will be three (3) winners this month!

Fat Quarter Shop offers a tremendous selection of fabric, notions, books and just about anything you will need for your project. Consider their Sew Sampler box to receive a monthly surprise delivery of fabric and fun.   Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $25 gift certificate to one lucky participant.

Make Modern is a digital magazine, available monthly, launched by a collaboration of quilters based in Australia.  Their goal (sourced from their site) says it all - 
One of our ultimate goals is to be a driving force in the modern quilt movement. We want you to feel like we're already friends, the kind of friends who totally understand your fabric addiction, who will assist with your quilting problems and who will help you grow as a quilter. We hope you'll love us even though we're all a little bit crazy. 
Make Modern is offering a 6 month subscription to one lucky participant.

Elm Street Quilts - that's me! - wants to be a place where you'll find some inspiration and motivation for your quilting projects.   I'll be offering two patterns from my pattern shop to one lucky participant.

One Monthly Goal will be back in 2018 and I can't wait to share more about the sponsors and featured designers.  I've got some great ideas for next year and would love your feedback on my blog events and newsletter - please take my survey and I'll send you my Everyday Love pattern as a Thank You.

Now it is your turn to link up - what is your goal for December?  (A goal could be to finish a quilt but it could also be to attach a binding.  Whatever it takes to help you move forward and make progress on your projects!  And as long as the project involves a needle and/or fabric, you can link up!)

Make sure you visit the One Monthly Goal event page for the specific requirements for links and social tags. 

And remember, to be eligible for the prize(s) by random drawing you must linkup at both the goal setting and the accomplishment linkup in a given month.   (The One Monthly Goal accomplishment linkup will be available on December 26.)

Make sure you add a link to this OMG post so others can follow where you are linking.   Let's make that easy -  just paste this into your post:  

Thanks for linking up!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Deck the Halls

We've been having quite the warm fall here in North Carolina.  The mornings are chilly but things warm up into the 60s in the afternoon sunshine.

Now that Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) is past, it is time to pull out the Christmas decorations.  I got the outside lights up yesterday (note to self - take that pumpkin off the front porch) and today I'll start some indoor decorating by pulling out the Christmas quilts.

Every year, I make something new.  My new mini for this year is this cute ornament table runner.   There are many patterns for ornaments around - I didn't use a specific pattern but just based it on a smaller version I'd made previously.

Each ornament is 4 '' finished and leftover charms were perfect.  Organic wavy lines for the finish - I just love it!

I used some of the same fabric last year in my Forest quilt (tutorial on Amy's blog Dairy of a Quilter.)

I just love that quilt.  I've plenty of Christmas fabric - maybe I ought to make a larger version and have something ready to go for next year?

Next up - priority shifts to gift making!  More on that soon.

I'll be linking up my quilt with  Freemotion by the River,   WIP Wednesday's,  Let's Bee SocialMidweek Makers.  Needle and Thread Thursdays, Finish it Up Friday and Finished or Not Friday.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, November 27, 2017

Bag It Featured Designer - By Annie

I'm very excited to introduce you to today's designer and sponsor, Annie Unrein of Patterns by Annie and   You may already used ByAnnie's Soft and Stable product to add great stability to your bags.

Annie has been designing and teaching since 2000.  Her quilts and designs have been published in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, Quilt, Quilter's Newsletter, and Memory Makers magazines.  Annie is the creator of ByAnnie's Soft and Stable®, an innovative product she designed to add body, stability and a professional finish to purses, bags, home dec items and more.

With a focus on practical and useful projects, Annie's patterns appeal to sewists of all ages and levels and serve as a great base for classes.

Annie's goal is to write patterns that are easy to understand with complete instructions to guide you every step of the way.  A popular Craftsy instructor, Bernina Ambassador, and offical Superior Threads Educator, Annie has a broad range of information to share from using the proper supplies and equipment to easy techniques that give professional results.

Find Annie's patterns, tutorials, and products at her website and connect with her on Facebook  and on Instagram.

Earlier this year, Annie was a guest on Abbey Glassenberg While She Naps podcast and she discussed how she designed and brought Soft and Stable to market.  It's a great interview.

Annie has donated $25 gift certificates for two (2) lucky participants.

I made my Get Out of Town Duffel bag over several days and really appreciated the paper tabs to mark each of my pieces.  Instructions are easy to follow and there are helpful videos on Annie's site to get you through some of the trickier steps.

I've taken my duffel bag on two trips so far and have been thrilled on the amount of clothing and stuff I can fit inside.

These ducks, however, not so thrilled with my photo shoot.  They made their annoyance heard.

The fabric I used for the outside of my bag was Moda Sweetwater Elementary.

Thanks Annie for supporting the Elm Street Quilts Bag It 2017 event!

Have a wonderful day! Patty