Monday, December 4, 2017

Bag It - Notebook Cover Tutorial

Aren't these just adorable?

You can make notebook covers for any size notebook you desire.  It is a fun project and a great opportunity for some novelty fabric.  The notebook covers are reusable - just replace the notebook as needed.

You can personalize these too - with embroidery, embellishments and labels.  My guess is you'll make more than one to give yourself a chance to play!  I use the notebook below for keeping my notes about my local modern quilt guild.

The tutorial is written for the notebook below and is very easily adaptable for any size notebook!

The directions for the notebook cover have both illustrations and photographs.  The photographs are shown below and marked as 1 through 9.

Open the notebook flat to measure the dimensions. (See photo 1)   Cut a piece of batting that is 1/2 '' larger than the height (to allow for a 1/4'' seam) and almost twice the width.  (See photo 2)

Cut your fabric twice the height of your batting and the width of the batting plus 2''.  (See photo 3)

For example, the blue notebook measures 5 x 3'' closed and 5 x 6'' open flat.  Batting dimensions were 5 1/2 '' x 11 1/2''.  Fabric dimensions were 11x14 ''.  (See photo sequence below.)

With the fabric right side facing down, layer the batting, centering it on all sides.

Fold over fabric from each side, carefully aligning fold with edge of batting. (See photo 4)

Fold down the top and bottom edge over the batting, taking care not to fold the batting. (See photo 5)

Pin (or clip) along all edges.  If desired, mark your quilting lines.  (See photo 6) Note, if using pins, position the pin heads so they are hanging off the edge so they can be seen and removed as you sew.) 

Quilt lightly.  Once quilted add a line of top stitching along each of the shorter edges, roughly 1/8'' from edge.  (See photo 7)

Optionally, add a label of other embellishment to the notebook cover at this time.

Place notebook on quilted piece and fold over edges, adjusting until they are even on both sides. (See photo 8)  Lightly clip, making sure you do not catch notebook.  Open and close to make sure you are satisfied with placement. (See photo 9)

Sew a line of top stitching along top and bottom, roughly 1/8'' from edge.

This is what the inside will look like when finished.  You can see my particular fabric had a selevedge edge but that isn't necessary.  My goal was to make it look neat inside for when the notebook was changed.

I just love using these little notebooks!

Enjoy your new notebook!

I'll be linking up my tutorial with  Freemotion by the River,   WIP Wednesday's,  Let's Bee SocialMidweek Makers.  Needle and Thread Thursdays, Finish it Up Friday and Finished or Not Friday.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. This looks easy enough! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Thank you for the notebook tutorial. I definitely want to make these.


  3. Nice quick gift to myself and friends
    Thank you

  4. So cute. Making several for gifts :)

  5. I love this! I have made just a couple of these in past years, figuring it out for myself. It's nice to have your straight-forward directions, and I think my grandchildren would like covered notebooks for Christmas. Thanks for the idea and thanks for sharing this tutorial. :)

  6. Pinned for later use.
    I am currently using a simple pattern put out by Thimbleberries and adding a pocket on the front to hold a pen and pencil for composition notebooks.

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I hope to use it soon.

  8. Great tutorial, perfect idea for last minute gifts! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Definitely cute fabrics - thanks for the tut!

  10. Very cute and helpful tutorial. Thanks for sharing in the Tips and Tutorials Festival!


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