Hand Pieced QAL - Link Up Tutorial

Getting Started

Take a photo of your block.

Decide how you want to share your photo with others.  It needs to be public (as opposed to private) and you can share from
  • your blog
  • Instagram account
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
(Notice that our Hand Pieced QAL Group on Facebook is private, a share from a private Facebook group is not going to work.)

If you don't have an Instagram, a blog or Flickr, I would recommend Pinterest as the best way forward.   And if none of these options work for you, you can still email your block.  Scroll down for those instructions.

The Basics

A link-up is a way for every one to share a picture of their work for others to see and come comment on your photo.  Each week, Elm Street Quilts and Simple Handmade Everyday will each post the exact same link-up.  Enter on either blog and your photo will automatically display on both blogs.

On the blog post page, scroll down to find the Add your link button.   (You will likely need to scroll down through all the other shares to find it. )

When you click on the Add your link button, a screen will appear asking you for the URL of the link you are adding.   A URL is a web page address.

Entering with a blog post

Create and publish your blog post, making sure you have a link to either Elm Street Quilts or Simple Handmade Everyday somewhere in your post or the QAL button on your sidebar. (This way others can find the QAL.)
  1. To add you photo, paste the URL (i.e. web page link) from your blog post into the field labeled as 1 in above photo.  
  2. Click inside the box labeled Link Title.  The title of your blog post will automatically be filled in.  This will be the text under your photo - change it here if you want.
  3. Enter your email address (see 2 in photo above).  
  4. From the selection of photos in the 'Image source box' (see 3 in photo above), select the photo you want to appear in the link-up.
  5. Click the done button.  (The Done button is in the lower right - another big blue button.)
You can now go visit the post on Elm Street Quilts or Simple Handmade Everyday and your block photo will be there!

Entering with Flickr

Upload your photo to your Flickr account, making sure it is set to "public view".   Include a link to either Elm Street Quilts or Simple Handmade Everyday somewhere in your photo description.  (This way others can find the QAL.) Copy the URL from the browser and follow steps 1-5 from Entering with a Blog Post (above.)

Entering from Instagram

Instagram is a bit different - see this detailed tutorial!  Make sure you include the #handpiecedqal and or #bookclubqal in your Instagram post.

Entering from Pinterest

If you don't have a blog, flickr or Instagram account, Pinterest is a great option.  You can upload your photo from your computer.

Use the 'say more about this pin' secion to include a link to either Elm Street Quilts or Simple Handmade Everyday. (This way others can find the QAL.)

 Once uploaded, view your uploaded pin and grab that URL and then follow steps 1-5 from Entering with a Blog Post (above.)

Entering from email

Send an email to handpiecedqal@gmail.com and attach your photo.   In the subject line, put the NAME of the Block or the Block number.  For example:  Block 1, Evelyn.

Your block won't be visible to anyone but Kristin and Patty (sadly) but it will be entered into the drawing that is open at the time the email is received.


Once you've linked up, you can go back and visit our link-up blog post and see your photo.  Click on other photos to go visit and leave comments for everyone!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Thank you for all this information and patience.

  2. Almost finished with block 3 and hope to post it. Have never done this before so I appreciate your tutorial! Thanks so much.


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