Monday, February 20, 2023

My QuiltCon Sewing Bag

While I have plenty (and I mean plenty!) of zip bags, I decided I needed a new one for my QuiltCon sewing kit. Inspiration for the bag came from several places including the Sew Together Bag (see my version)  and the Zip-Up Tray Pouch (see my version). (I do not know why I took the photo at this angle but I'm going with it!)

This was very much a design and modify and I went kind of project. I sized it too big at first and then trimmed it down. I used scraps from my Loves Me, Loves Me Not quilt putting all the odd bits to good use.

I'm signed up for one class on Friday morning - Jogakbo with Ssamsol Technique with Youngmin Lee. I am bringing along a selection of quilting cotton and some threads and am really looking forward to learning a new handwork technique.

Atlanta here I come! Will you be there?

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Oh how pretty, and no doubt will be just as useful. I have always loved your sense of fabrics and colors.

  2. I'm smiling, Patty, because I too decided I needed a new bag for QuiltCon. However, mine is an over-the-shoulder sort of thing that I managed to finish. Your sort-of Sew Together bag is nice! Good work using up leftover fabrics too! Since you're in the Jogakbo class before I am (mine's Saturday night), I hope you'll give me a heads-up about any supplies I might have overlooked. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

  3. I wanted to go, it's only 200 miles, but my chemo comes at the wrong time, and I'd just be sleeping through it. The bag angle is great for seeing what it will hold.


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