Thursday, February 9, 2023

Embroidery Finishing Ideas Wanted

I'm about to be a great-aunt for the second time when my nephew and his wife have their second child this spring. She is a beginner quilting - the only other quilter in the family. 

When my niece-in-law was a newborn, her great-aunt made a sweet embroidery for her mom to hang up in her room. Sadly, that never happened so they asked if I would give it a try and turn it into a quilted wall-hanging.

The workmanship is really nice. The back is as neat as the front! The embroidered image is 30" tall and 22" wide and there is enough fabric around the image to support a 2" border which yields a finished size of 34" x 26". I intend to put a hanging sleeve on the back and they want a black border.

But, now how to quilt?

I'm not confident enough in my FMQ ability so I'm thinking a walking foot grid. My other thought is some hand quilting / tacking to just hold the layers together.

I'd love your ideas on how to tackle this project!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I would just go for the light hand tacking myself. Tack over the little plus signs in the center and then mimic those in the outer 4 corners.

  2. I would use your walking foot and continue the oval theme. Once around the words. Once around the angel surround. Do a straight line 1/4" inside your applied border, and outside your applied border. Then finish it off with your binding :-) A 1 1/2" finished width border with the binding applied should lie nice and flat!

  3. That is really sweet. If you lived near me I would quilt it for you. It wouldn't take long. Have you thought about putting any border on it? Bonnie Hunter on her blog today has an embroidery project that turned out really sweet with a simple border on it. Simple stippling around the embroidery might not be too difficult but I think cross hatching would probably be the safest idea.

  4. I love cross hatching and that could go through the center or not. I also think little french nots in a matching thread to the background could be a fun way to quilt the center. It will be lovely when you are done with it!

  5. Maybe a little hand quilting that echoes the oval shape? I wouldn't do too much of whatever you do, but the cross hatching would be nice, too.

  6. Oh man, Patty -- this image struck me immediately when I saw it in your newsletter today because I had that exact same embroidery design somewhere in my nursery or bedroom -- not sure exactly when or where, but I recognize each and every angel and child and the kitten and the border... I know that I scrutinized the embroidered "pictures" over and over again; it's all indelibly seared onto the back of my brain. I have no idea who might have made it for me, or if it was made for my older sister and passed along to the next baby's room. So cool to see that you're finishing this for your nephew's new baby! And I think the loopy quilting you "settled" on is perfect.


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