Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Sewing Table Caddy

I've got a great counter height table in my sewing space (see my post a few years ago) which I love.  I use it often both for cutting fabrics and also for basting quilts and sorting fabrics.  It often covered in 'stuff' and I can easily loose items in the mess.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one!)

I just finished making the Catch All Caddy from By Annie (affiliate link)and couldn't be happier with the results!  I spread the assembly process over several days - not all of them in a row! - so it never felt overwhelming.  Sewing with Soft and Stable creates a great product but you are sewing with lots of bulk.

Wonder clips  (affiliate link) were key to the assembly process.  Annie has a Craftsy video which walks you through the process (and includes the pattern) and her tips about putting the flat side of the wonder clip so it would be on the underside was a great one.

The design features a bunch of pockets on the outside and organization dividers on the inside.  I found the construction for these dividers to be quite the interesting and I think they will keep things organized.

These fabrics have been sitting in my studio since 2012 (!!!) and are from the Moda Sweetware Lucy's Crab Shack lin.  I had enough of the blue plaid and the bicylce print to use for the outside but only with only a little of the blue with the kite tails, it became my binding fabric.

I had so much fun that I'm thinking about making the Ultimate Travel Bag - not because I've got a trip planned but because I've likely already got all the fabric I need!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Look at you! Sewing such a cute caddy! This is a great design, and looks really practical for toting items from the sewing room to the TV-watching room to a sewing afternoon with friends... which is what I'd use it for. Such a well thought-out design, and I know from experience that Annie's patterns are well-written too. I'm getting ready to make a purse/bag that's fancy-schmancy using Soft 'n Stable. Like you've done, I plan to make it over the course of several days. Just waiting for supplies (zippers, zip ends, rivets, etc.) to arrive. It's fun to see other things made that aren't quilts. Sewists need a variety to keep our attention.

  2. Love this caddy! I'm obsessed with By Annie patterns lately and plan to do this one with the craftsy class while I have a craftsy subscription. Yours looks great and super handy!


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