Monday, March 8, 2021

Harmony Hand Pieced QAL - Fancy HST (unit 3)

It was fun seeing all the Half Square Triangle and the Square in the Square units pop up last week.   

Since our QAL is following the units in the order they are found in the pattern , today it is time to make some Fancy Half Square Triangles (Fancy HSTs)!  Each Harmony block needs 4 Fancy HST units which means you'll need 16 if you are making the throw sized quilt. We've got lots of basic tutorials - Using TemplatesMarking Stitching Linesand the Running Stitch - if you need some tips.

Still need the pattern for Harmony?  Grab yours now!  

Harmony is a large single block - make one and you've got a lovely wall hanging (28'' x 28'') or join 4 Harmony blocks together for a lovely throw sized quilt (56'' x 56'').  Did you miss the QAL announcement?  You can find more information here!  If you have any trouble ordering the pattern, please don't hesitate to email us at - we'll be happy to help!

Whether you are making the wall hanging or the throw sized quilt, we recommend you cut just the pieces you need to make a single Harmony block.  Once you've sewn a few units and have some experience cutting with templates, you can go back and cut the rest of the pieces for all the Harmony blocks you need.

So what is a Fancy HST?  Visually, it is a HST unit with a snowballed corner!

If you are making a throw sized quilt, those snowball corners will join together to form a secondary design at the center and edges of the quilt!

Stitching Tips

The Fancy HST can be pieced with either templates or by cutting the pieces with a rotary cutter. or a bit of both!  For the block examples below, the green triangle was cut with a rotary cutter while the white triangle was cut with templates. 

Regardless of whether you are using templates or pieces cut with a rotary cutter, your first step is to sew together the green and background white piece in the same manner as you made a HST.

Instead of marking a 1/4'' stitching line around the whole triangle, try marking just where you are about to stitch plus a little bit more so you know where to start and stop your needle.  (Please note that my lines are not usually that dark - a bit a computer magic made the lines visible in this photo!)

For the rotary cutter version (below right), sew using the stitch and flip technique by sewing on the diagonal line and trimming excess.  (See a tutorial.)  Mark both triangles and align a pin through the intersection point on each block so you are certain everything is aligned.

Then stitch away!  Although you will be sewing through the seams when attaching units together, I still am pressing my seams open where possible to help the overall quilt lay flat.

If needed, sliver trim your block and then go ahead and mark the stitching lines around the outside so you will be ready when it is time to sew your units together.

Kristin is sharing some tips on her blog today as well - check it out!

The Basics

Please consult the tutorials for Using TemplatesMarking Stitching Linesand the Running Stitch if you need some tips.

We will be sewing the units in the order of the pattern which means our next unit will be a HST variation that we are calling a Fancy HST.  We'll share tips next Monday, March 8. Our first check-in link-up will be March 29!

Stay in touch and join our community so you don't miss a thing!  

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. What cute little blocks. No doubt they are a pleasure to stitch, and piece together quickly. You have a lovely QAL going.


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