Monday, December 7, 2020

November Temperatures

And another month in 2020 is behind us.  2021 is coming up fast and I sure hope it is the year that things get back to normal.

November (the last 2 columns) certainly brought cooler temperatures probably best seen as the low temperature rectangle in each block. High temperatures most days were in the 70s (yellow) or 60s (greens) but a few of them dipped into the 50s (blue).

I have been enjoying the creation of this quilt and am already trying to figure out what I will do for 2021.  This is my 3rd year of making a temperature quilt and I can't stop now!

You can read more about the design here.  The net is the 2020 quilt will be functionally sized at 48'' x 48''.   The quilt records both high and low temperatures for each day.   The block is a simple one - the low temperature is the smaller rectangle - vertical for odd numbered days and horizontal for even numbered.  

The fabrics are all Painters Palette solids and I keep the color gradient at the top of my design wall so it is always available to reference.  

I've made temperature quilts for 2018 and 2019.  Want to make your own temperature quilt - check out my tutorial!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. It's really interesting to see how the calendar year isn't necessarily aligned with the peaks and valleys of temperature.

  2. I think I like 2020's quilt best. Your design is very cool. I still haven't finished 2018!

  3. I am so in love with this quilt!

  4. Some day I plan to make a temperature quilt and I love all of the ones you have made and this design is the one I like the best. In reading your instructions you say that odd numbers are vertical yet the first block in each column across alternate from vertical to horizontal. They should all be "ones". What am I missing?

    1. Kate, each column is 1/2 of a month long. So, the very last column on the right runs from Nov 16 to Nov 30. The column right next to it starts with Nov 1 to Nov 15. Flipping the block makes it more interesting PLUS there are less seams to align!

  5. I love this. I think I will take a break in 2021. I haven't finished 2019 and am behind in 2020. LOL

  6. Gosh, the colors coming out in the temperatures are wonderful! You did a good job of choosing appropriate color combos. I'm surprised though at how small it is, as just from a photo it appears to be large - like 60 X 72 or so. I guess it's that because I like to make big quilts, I think all the quilts I see are large! :-) Yours is certainly going to be a lovely finish. No doubt we'll see it at QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix!


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