Friday, July 12, 2019

Baby Bunnies

A very good friend of mine is about to become a Grandma and I'd like to celebrate with a quilt for the new baby.

The baby is due in a few weeks and I'll wait until I hear her name before I finalize my design.  But, I do know the design will contain some baby bunnies.  I went ahead and made my first one today.

The bunny is from Elizabeth Hartman's Delightful Desert pattern (affiliate link).  I'll be using these really sweet charm squares as my background.   (My friend Paige gifted me with these charm packs awhile ago and I've been waiting for a chance to use them in a baby quilt.)

This bunny and this quilt make me so happy!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. How darling! If my MIL was still alive, I'd make her a little quilt with those bunnies - they were her favorite thing.

  2. I love brown bunnies, so this makes ME happy! I look forward to seeing the whole quilt.

  3. Cute charms and block design for a baby quilt :)
    xo Melanie

  4. The bunnies were the main reason I bought that pattern. So adorable!

  5. That is so sweet! You ought to make one look like Thumper :)


  6. That bunny is so adorable. It will look great in a quilt.

  7. So cute! I wish Elizabeth would sell her animals individually. Maybe we should ask her.

  8. Such a thoughtful gift and a wonderful bunny!


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