Friday, June 7, 2019

May temperatures

Summer temperatures are officially here - even had a few days in May that crept very close to the 100 degree mark. Humidity, in general, feels lower that past years.

The first column is January 1 - 15 and the last column on the right is May 16-31.   It only takes a minute to add each square so I've been able to keep current or quickly catch up.  These are 2'' squares and hand pieced.

Always Interesting to compare to 2018 - I've circled May from last year - more days in the 70s this year but also more days in the 90s.

Here is a mapping of the colors.

There are so many temperature quilts popping up and I love them.  I wrote up a tutorial on a temperature quilt if you are interested.  In addition, Anina is running a 2019 QAL!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I keep thinking about making one of these!

  2. In addition to being cool to look at, what a way to remember and be able to compare weather from one year to the next!

  3. So hard to believe it's halfway through the year already! They are both fun interpretations of the years :)

  4. It's looking great. We've had five nice days in a row!! But now it's raining...again. We'll see what the morning brings.

  5. Determined to have one by the end of 2019.....yep....determined....... and you don’t want to know how many I’ve gotten together, you know......


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