Monday, June 10, 2019

Coasters - A tutorial

Aren't these fun?  They are a great way to use up scraps and they go together quite quickly.

Want to make some of your own?

For each coaster, you will need:
  • 4 print squares, each 1½'' x 1½'' 
  • 2 small background pieces, each 2 x 2½''
  • 2 larger background pieces, each 2 x 5½''
  • 1 backing piece, 5½'' x 5½''
  • 1 piece fusible fleece, 5'' x 5 ''

Sew the 4 print squares together - given the tiny pieces, I shortened my stitch length a bit.  Your center is now 2½'' x 2½''.   Sew each of the smaller background pieces to the top and bottom of the print square and then attach each of the larger background pieces.  Your unit (which magically changed colors!) will be 5½'' x 5½''.

Iron the fusible fleece carefully to the wrong side, leaving a ¼'' seam.   Place the backing square on the coaster unit right sides together and sew  ¼'' from the edge leaving a gap for turning.

Carefully clip corners and turn right side out through opening.  Press unit making sure to fold the fabric at the opening to create a nice edge.  Pin or baste opening closed and then stitch around edge of coasters very close to edge.

To quilt, stitch in ditch around center square and then continue to spiral out echoing the previous line.   It is ok if your lines are not perfectly echoed - this is meant to be a bit wonky and playful!

Have fun!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Look what popped up just as I was needing new coasters! Thanks, Patty!

  2. Cute! Quick, easy and fun project!

  3. It IS a fun way to play with scraps, and so useful, too! Not to mention inexpensive and easy to pop into the mail for a little surprise giftie! Thanks for the tute!

  4. I saw a website the other day where this woman was piecing these coaster and selling them for $50 per set of four. So you have yourself a nice investment there!

  5. Great tutorial - thanks for sharing. They are lovely little things and I have made quite a few in my past, and always enjoy using them. Stashing them for little gifts would be a great idea.


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