Tuesday, March 5, 2019

February Temperatures

I so much enjoyed making a temperature quilt in 2018 that I've started one again for this year.  (See my 2018 quilt.)  I've place the 2019 version (squares) on top of the 2018 hexigons.  You can see it has been a colder winter this year.

In the above photo, January starts on the right with that yellow square.  Row 1 is Jan 1-15, row 2 is 16-31 and so on.

There are so many temperature quilts popping up and I love them.  I wrote up a tutorial on a temperature quilt if you are interested.  In addition, Anina is running a 2019 QAL!

Here is a mapping of the colors.

It only takes a minute each night to add the next square and is so much fun to go back and look at!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. It's interesting to see the two years together. What a difference.

  2. Using the same color scale as last year is making this a very interesting process. I'm definitely enjoying the year to year comparison!

  3. Much more fun than viewing those charts on TV!! What a neat way to compare winters too. Living in Wisconsin, any temperature quilt I would make should be solid white!! We are up to our necks in snow cover and zero degrees - not sure what color I would have to use!!


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