Monday, February 19, 2018

Postcard Exchange - Frequently Asked Questions

Postcard assignments were sent out on Saturday, February 17 - so check your email (including your spam folder and your promotions tab) for something from Elm Street Quilts.

I've been getting some questions via email so decided to post a FAQs.  Please don't hesitate to send me questions more via comments or email and I'll update this post as needed.

How many people signed up?
100 people are making postcards.  18 of those signed up to make a second card.

How were the assignments made?
Everyone was assigned randomly, playing attention to whether you wanted to mail to someone in your country or anywhere in the world.   Those who wanted to make a second card were assigned someone randomly from someone else who wanted to make a second card.

Wait - I wanted to make 3 cards but only got mailing addresses for two people?
There wasn't enough interest from people who signed up for a third card.

Ok, I've got my person, when do I need to mail my postcard?
Postcards should be mailed by March 17.  But, if finish your postcard sooner, by all means send it off!  You'll make someone happy.

I signed up for the swap but didn't get an email.
Check that spam folder and the promotions tab.  Still can't find anything?  Just email me, I'll be happy to help.

Is there a specific tutorial we have to use?
No.  Use any tutorial you want as long as the postcard is postcard sized - 4 x 6''.  Here is the link to my tutorial. 
How should I mail the postcard?  Should I just put a stamp on it?
I'd recommend you put it in an envelope for mailing to make sure it doesn't get messed up in the whole post office process.  If you decide to mail it directly as a postcard, contact your local post office to understand required postage.
Can I send any other goodies along with it for my new friend?
Nope, please don't.  This is about only sending and receiving a postcard work of art. 
Is there anything I should include with my postcard?
Please write a nice message on the back of the card.  Also include on the postcard (or a piece of paper in the envelope) your Instagram or your blog (if you have either) so the person getting your postcard can tag you in their pictures. 
Is it ok to share photos of the postcard I am making on Instagram or Facebook or my blog?
Absolutely!  Just don't say WHO you are making it for so they can be surprised when it arrives in their mailbox.  Tag any photos you share with #esqpostcardswap. 
What should I do when I get my postcard in the mail?
We'd all love to see a photo and please do tag the maker if you have their social information (Instagram or blog).  Then put that postcard in a special place and enjoy!
What can you tell me about the postcard parade?
More details on that later in March.  For now, make sure you tag any photos you do share with #esqphotoswap and take a photo of the postcard you send and you receive.

 I missed the sign-ups, will you do another swap?
It depends on how this one goes!  I'm having fun and my hair isn't on fire (yet).  This is the first time I've ever hosted - or participated - in a internet based swap so lots to learn.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I am going to watch this swap with interest. I couldn't participate, because we are traveling....but I will check back often and see the parade of postcards. Good luck I hope it all goes without any "glitches".

  2. This is such a fun swap, I am enjoying seeing all of the creations on IG!

  3. Shucks, I’m too late to sign up but I will be happily & vicariously following along with yours :) Have fun with it!


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