Friday, September 8, 2017

Hitting the Books

Back to school for kids across the country and time for me to learn some new tricks too!  I'm busying studying and practicing various walking foot and fmq designs.

I've been reading books by the greats - Angela Walters, Christa Watson, Jacquie Gering and Natalia Bonner - and caught several videos during Crafty's watch for free day.

I am thrilled with my FMQ of stars across this baby sized quilt.  (Quilt reveal in 2 weeks.)

And I've been working on improving the accuracy of my straight lines with my FMQ foot.  One of these was done with my FMQ quilt and one with my walking foot.

 Can you tell which is which?

Pink or green?

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Both look great! For the sake of guessing I will say pink is walking foot and green is FMQ?

  2. All are lovely! I need to just try FMQ on my machine! I have the feet, watched a bunch of classes. Still fear the dropping of the feed fogs!!

  3. Green with FMQ Foot. Just a guess. Well done, I am working on the same skill but only with small pieces.

  4. I had to really inspect it for variations, so it is really good FMQ! I am just guessing, but i will say green is the walking foot.

  5. The stars are fantastic! For the other ... I would guess that the green was done with the walking foot, but they both look pretty good to me :) I watched a Lazy Girls video during Craftsy's freebie day - I really need to try the bags she did, before I forget the technique!

  6. I have no idea which is which. They both look great!


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