Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Finishes - Happy New Year!

It is always fun to pull together a collage of finishes as the year comes to a close.  This is most of them for 2016.  I'm missing some minis, the pillows and (of course) all the bags I made!

The top row are my big quilts - bed sized or couch sized.  Three were gifted and the other two live on a couch or rocking chair in my home.

I made at least ten wall hangings - all roughly 30'' square.  Most of these have found a home on the walls of my home.  (I haven't blogged about two of them yet - need to write them up!)

Then, there were the minis!  I so enjoy making and in many cases, gifting the minis.  I was working on matchstick quilting four new ones just last night.  No bindings yet so they will likely be 2017 finishes.

I've got some exciting things planned for the blog for 2017 and hope that you'll join me.

As this year closes and another looms in front of us, I wish you all the best -  health, happiness and time for quilting every day.

Happy New Year!!

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Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. You really rock with all these amazing finishes...thanks for sharing them all!

  2. A very set of finishes! You had a very productive 2016. Have a very Happy New Year.


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