Friday, November 6, 2015

Bag It - Size Options

(This post was originally published as part of the 2015 Bag It event.)

Today we are going to explore some basic options for the Basic Zip Pouch that started off our week.

Clearly fabric choices are endless.

As are quilting options.

But you've also got several different options for finishing those corners that will give your bags a different size and make them better suited for specific purposes.

See these great looking bags below?  They all started out with the same dimensions we talked about on day 1.

The difference is whether and how much the corners were boxed.  (The boxy corner tutorial post is here.)

Starting from the back, the measurements are as follows:
  • Charm pack bag is 4 '' high and 5 1/2'' wide.  The corner's were not boxed.
  • Measure tape bag is 3 1/2 '' high and 5 '' wide.  The corners's were boxed at 1/2 ''.
  • Gray bag is 3 '' high and 3 1/2 '' wide.  The corner's were boxed at 3/4''.
(Note - In all cases, the width measurement is the bottom seam measurement.)   

I just loved that bag with the measuring tape so I made a second in a larger size.  Same instructions as our basic zip bag except start with fabric pieces for outer and lining cut at 8½'' x 6½''. 

If you want to cut a zipper to size by adding fabric zipper stops, your zipper should be at least 9''.  If you want to use a zipper without the fabric zipper stops, then choose a 8'' zipper.

The larger bag was boxed at 1 ½''.

They look like a father / son pair sitting there, don't they?  (Or is it mother / daughter?)

Plenty of room inside for lots of good things!

zip bag tutorial

I made another one - this time using fabric scraps.  (More on that next week.)

zip bag tutorial

The one on the left was boxed at 1  1/2'' and finished at 4'' tall and 5'' wide.

The bag on the right was boxed at 1'' and and measures 4 1/2 '' tall and 5 1/2 '' wide.

Are you enjoying this series as much as I am?

I hope you've got great plans to make and share bags.

See the Elm Street Quilts Bag It information page for more information.

This post was sponsored by Zipit, an Etsy store.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Fabric credits:

  • Charm Square - Outer: Moda Fig Tree Mini Charm Pack; Lining Moda Sweetwater Noteworthy
  • Mini Gray - Outer: Moda Sweetwater Road 15,  Lining: Moda Sweetwater
  • Solids - AMB Olive, Dark Gray, Light Navy, Dark Rust, Dark Gold, Dark Orange plus 7'' metal zipper 
  • Tape - Moda American Jane, Lining AMB Lime

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Yes, I've been following along with this series and look forward to what's coming up.

  2. Oh those bags are really cute - I love that measuring tape print! I've made a few zipper bags in my time - my go-to cutting measurement for basic bags is 8.5" x 6.5". The zippers I get locally here in Canada, for a "bargain" price (3/$1), are 8.5" long, and the 6.5" depth is the width of my favourite quilting ruler, lol. Now I like to quilt my bags so I save all my batting scraps and piece them to use in bags - I love being able to use up the bits and pieces instead of tossing them in the garbage :D

  3. I've been enjoying this series immensely! I bought some zippers today. I've chosen some fabric. I'm ready to start sewing me some bags! Thank you....


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