Join me in turning February into a month of handmade hugs!

Hugs is about giving handmade to those in need - a way to tell them that someone cares.  Give a handmade hug to an ill friend or family member. Give a handmade hug to a charity that collects handmade for those in need.

Throughout the month of February, Elm Street Quilts will feature posts on organizations that accept handmade items and share tutorials and photos of the items I'll be making to donate.  

Elm Street Quilts is not affiliated in  with any of the agencies featured in this series of blog posts and posting about the agency is not an endorsement of any kind. They are being featured to raise awareness that organizations exist that welcome handmade.   I recommend you work with local organizations in your community to make sure your handmade hug gets to the person who needs it the most.

This page will be updated periodically for a list of the Hugs blog posts. 

Before you get started creating your handmade hug, make sure you confirm what your agency needs and any special requirements on fabrics or perhaps how an item should be finished.   Also keep in mind, that agencies might also appreciate a financial donation to support distribution of the items.

My goal is to get lots and lots of participation - blanket the world with hugs in the month of February.

Will you help me spread the word?   Grab the button below and use #handmadehug or #ESQhugs as our social tags.

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  1. Count me in!
    Last night I learned about CHURCHES WITHOUT WALLS here in northeastern Kentucky. It is a monthly open air meet-greet-feed and pray for the homeless that need the HUGS and other kindnesses. The lady I met made and donated small quilts!


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