Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Rediscovered Blocks!

Way back in January 2023, I put the finishing touches on the final blocks in the Modern HST BOM. I made the blocks smaller then the pattern called for and created some FPP patterns for the smaller half-square triangle (HST) and half-square rectangle (HRT) blocks.

Then I put those blocks aside for over a year. A few days ago, in searching for something else, I found them! (Isn't it always that way?) Honestly I had completely forgotten about the project and now I wonder how many completely forgotten projects I have buried away.

These blocks were always destined to be a incubator quilt. My LQS collects 36" square quilts for donation to a local hospital. These quilts are draped over the incubators for those babies in the Nicu and then go with them when they are ready to go home.

Instead of making more blocks to get the quilt top to the right size, empty squares plus a border were added. I am pleased with how it has turned out. 

I've got enough of the print fabric for the binding so next step is to figure out a backing and then do some FMQ. 

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Way to quickly turn the rediscovered blocks into a NICU quilt top. At that size, I bet its quick to finish up.

  2. Good for you, Patty! It's great to rediscover blocks. How does it happen that we (me included!) set aside blocks "for later" and then forget about them? For me, forgetting projects is becoming worse as I get older. But what a happy surprise for you, and a quick almost-finish. I know how good it feels to move something along to the finished stage. And what a great charity to support. Our local quilt chapter also makes incubator quilts for the neonatal intensive care unit in an Orlando hospital. Most often though, they're a single piece of fabric (usually flannel) with minimal quilting. We're told to use few seams and as little quilting thread as possible. Apparently, then the quilt is used, any texture can be bothersome for the baby.

  3. I’ve recently found some forgotten blocks as well! They are sitting on my sewing table waiting for a moment of inspiration to be made into something. I’ve been trying to make some baby quilts to “keep in stock” for gift giving. I suspect that’s what will happen to them. That’s great you could take those blocks and make a donation quilt for a NICU. That’s a WIN-WIN!!!


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