Monday, June 3, 2024

London Quilt - Gifted!

I had an enjoyable time Saturday celebrating the wedding of my nephew and his new bride. His mom (my sister) suggested a color palette of red, white and blue and suggested an overall theme of London as the couple had gotten engaged in London on the Millennium Bridge and planned to return on their honeymoon.

The quilt design is inspired by numerous Instagram photos of similar quilts and the desire to play with quarter circles and orange peels!

The quilt was LAQ by @lovebugdoodles. Thread color matched the light blue and the pantograph chosen is Squared Rounded.

I was thrilled to find this panel of London for the back to celebrate their connection to that city. The colors matched perfectly!

To help with the overall presentation, I made a bag for the quilt using a remnant that I had leftover from making my daughter a prom-like dress for dress-up play. I've had this remnant for over 10 years and almost threw it away more than - glad I never did! 

I saw a video of the newlyweds unwrapping the quilt and they seemed to really like it!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. What a beautiful gift bag, but the quilt is definitely the star of the show. I hope they get many, many years of use from your beautiful gift!

  2. Love this quilt. Well done. I've never made a bag to gift a quilt...hmmm...something to think about.


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